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Monday, March 8, 2010

Rebecca Rusch and the Marshall Mountain Challenge

I'm no Greg Siple and this isn't the Western Montana Hill Climb Championships.

This Thursday is not about record books, times or aero equipment. It's about bragging rights and who's been working hard during the winter. To celebrate Rebecca Rusch bringing her new movie to Missoula we are having a un-official mass start hill climb. The ride will meet at Big Sky Bikes at 4pm. We will complete the Turah Loop at a "piano" pace (my wannabe euro reference). On our way back in to town we take a run up Marshall. First guy and gal to the top get free tickets to the show.

Speaking of the show. Tickets are limited. I got the word today that 90 have been sold. Tickets are at Big Sky Bikes.

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Brendan Halpin said...

I like it! Bring it back Shaun.