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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I forgot that Cycling is hard

I've been closet training.

I started riding three weeks ago. I've been riding outside after work. Spinning at an easy pace enjoying the smooth ride of my old Ramblumtick (shout out to Sam). Throughout the three weeks I built a false sense of confidence. After a weekend of backcountry touring I was anxious to hit the bike hard. Yesterday Frykman sent me a sweet Sam Krieg article about training. The combination of Sam's article and me saying "hit it hard," 5,000 times last weekend had me breathing fire by the time I was supposed to ride with Josh.

As usual we spun our legs and talked about the days occurrences. You know....the usual stuff......who won the Tour of Oman stage and what junk food we were going to eat that night. Once past Reserve Street I noticed a stiff headwind. I was happy, and eagerly mashed a gear into the wind. We got to the first little climb and I mashed some more, relishing in the pain that was creeping into my legs. I started to overheat, and loose my breath. The pain in my legs was now screaming. I couldn't believe how a headwind and a couple climbs made me suffer.

I got back home and ate everything in sight. I slept in past my alarm and was late to work. My quads are burning and I can't keep my eyes open. I'm worked!

Cycling is hard. I've skate skied, ran, and done everything I could to stay fit this winter, but it just doesn't translate to tough biking. That's why we love it? For the most part you can't jump in and be good, it's takes time to build your deck of cards (Sam Krieg reference). I guess for me Day 1 was yesterday. 53 days to go.

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