Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Geoff Proctor Checks In

A quick update from Worlds:

Still in transit. Long long trip. The hardest part of the journey always.
Worlds was sweeeeet. The battles, the conditions, the course, the ambiance--cyclocross wins the "best cycling discipline" in those departments, hands down. There's really is nothing like it. It is so motivating to see the best in the world racing cx. The level is so high. The Czechs, 4 elite men in top 8, super inspiring. Stybi was out of control good. The Poles in the U23 race as well. It was good for our younger US guys in terms of development, but, as always, expectations were high. We've had a good run in past few years in the Juniors 2006-Selander 6th; 2007-Summerhill 2nd; 2008-Luke Keough 10th; 2009-Luke Keough 13th. This year, not up to those places. U23's a little better. But good exposure.
TJ and James D rode really well in elite race. Katie was really bummed with her muscle cramp issues. So strong, so close, yet so far.
In Prague airport this morning with the Belgies. Talked to Erwin for awhile. He spoke about how the Belgians are really not used/not comfortable on snow, ice. Their bag, mud and sand.
Isn't cyclocross beautiful? That on the right course, the Czechs and Poles can neutralize the Belgie domination.
And frankly, the conditions in Tabor are what we in Montana would consider quite normal. Actually somewhat similar to Bend Nats.
Worlds 2013 in L'ville! Not sure we'll be able to call it a "home-field advantage" (new course) except for crowd support. I encourage anyone and everyone to start making plans now. The tentative plan is to have Masters Worlds during the weekdays just prior to the elite worlds races. Would be awesome if we could match the noise and craze of Tabor! I think we can.

Geoff Proctor

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Matt Shryock said...

Missoula worlds 2018 - Rolling Thunder course.