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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good News from Andrew - Read Below

Race Across The Sky is Coming to Missoula

Last year a documentary was made about the Leadville 100 race, and the resulting beatdown that Lance Armstrong threw down on the field. Back in October, the movie was released in a bunch of cities, but Missoula wasn't on the list (I bitched about this on a previous post). Turns out that Rebecca Rusch (above in the process of winning this years 24 Hours of Moab) also felt that there were a few spots in the Mountain West that needed to show the film. This spring with the help of her sponsors, she is taking the movie to the masses. Save the date March 11, and I guess that the venue will be the Wilma, and plan to watch a sweet film. Big thanks to Rebecca and her sponsors for making this happen. - Andrew Genco, Single Speed MT

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