Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, December 21, 2009

Richard Sachs

Cycling news article on Dan Timmerman and the Richard Sachs cx team.

I think there's been a lot of mis-interpretation amongst cyclocross fans with Amy Dombroski and Richard Sachs. Dombroski is an elite level cyclocross racer who wants to ride lightweight bike stuff. Sachs is loyal to his sponsors and loyal to his brand image. Did you know they had won 9 nationals championships? Timmerman's bike weighs 19lbs and he won 6 UCI races this year.

You may not agree with Mr Sach's all or nothing style, but you have to respect his team management skills and his devotion to cyclocross.

Interesting take from Richard:

"Please remember this from an earlier email, as well as from years past in case you've heard me state it before: there is only one first reason we exist and why we go to races. That first reason is that we owe our souls to every single sponsor, equipment provider, behind-the-scenes donor, and fans/followers/friends who support us.

"We are at the races to prove a point. That point is to be ambassadors for all of those I just mentioned. (Y)our obligation is to know everything about every company on the kits as well as about every part we use until the season ends. We are at the venues to represent, and represent well. We (the team - you - us - the folks who raced here before 2009) give good brand.

"In an era and in a climate in which teams falter, vaporize, splinter, cease to exist, and just plain can't raise a fucking dime, we are flush. We are quite flush atmo. Data point - we're not Radio Shack flush, but heck - I can only panhandle so much, huh. We have parts. We have a good war chest of funds. And we have each other.

"Let's represent, let's make memories, and let's race."