Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cyclocross Nationals - Day 4

John Wehyrich, Alex Gallegos, and Brian Frykman all raced this morning. John was riding great. He was in the top 15 before a mechanical. He still finished strong somewhere in the top half.

Brian got tangled up at the start and couldn't get his bike going. He ended up having to wait for the whole field to pass and then run to the pits for his spare bike. Alex was also tangled in the crash, but recovered well and finished in the thirties. There were over 160 racers in the field. Troy Berry was 8th and Mike Gaertner was 13-15.

Amy F. through the s curves yesterday

Cyclocross Nationals - Day 3 - Juniors to Masters

Bridger Fiore started off the day for Montana. He had a field of 40+ riders in the 13-14 category. Wow, I have never seen so many fast younger guys. Check out the pics below. Bridger looked great on the slippery corners and rode a composed race to finish in the top half.

Patricia Dowd and Amy "Frykmagic" Frykman were in the next race of the day, 35-39 master ladies. Amy moved up quickly after the start and jumped around the top 10 all day. It was amazing to watch. She rode an excellent race and finished in 8th place. PDowd crashed early on, but continued on her pit bike not realizing that she had a huge cut in her arm. She ended up passing tons of ladies to finish 13th and then took a trip to the doc for 7 stiches. Tough gal. Also of note regional rider Jenni Gaertner took 4th!

Our last Montana race was the Masters 45-49. Arguably one of the strongest fields for Montana riders. Bill Cochran, Frank Gonzalez, and John Fiore were representing. Bill was far back in the starting grid, but Frank and John had reasonable positions in 13th and 50th. Another exciting race. Frank was looking awesome. He rode silky smooth like only Frank can and ended up in 13th place. To me it looked like Frank G will be serious contender in this category for years to come. John Fiore started a bit slow but clawed his way through riders. He got as high as 25th before flatting on the last lap and settling for a place in the high 20's. Bill perhaps had the toughest challenge, fighting his way through riders. He finished 45th. Quite the accomplishement.

Internet is rare and so I'm posting as much as I can while still watching. I have lots of photos and vids to still update.

This morning we've got John Wehyrich, then Alex Gallegos and Brian Frykman. Yes! The scene is deep and the beer is excellent. Love it. Here's a couple pics of Fiores, and Longmire.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cyclocross Nationals - Day 2 - Strong MT showing

It was a day to remember for Montana riders.

Campbell fought hard in the women's race. At the start of the race the thermometer read 5 degrees. She battled on a mostly snowy course and took 12th place. She looks forward to the collegiate race

I was up next in the u29 B race. After my high hopes of a front row position...I ended up being the 2nd to last one in the call up box. No time to wine....because soon after that the bell rang. I had a nice start and moved into the top 10. The technical corners gave me some problems and I faded to 13th by the finish.

The u39 B race was hot. Jdoll was in the 4th row of a 120 person field. He quickly moved up to 4th place. The strongman held firm, to finish out the day with an exciting 3rd place. Many riders joined Jdoll but each time he sent them back. Excellent racing in only his second season.
Also, in the race was MT Velo rider Rick Finley. Rick looked great out there and finished in the upper half of a crowded field.

The mens 55-59 was next. Steve Muller and Mike Longmire showed their stuff. Mike grabbed the holeshot and the crowd went wild. Mike settled in to the top 4 where he'd stay all day, taking 4th place. Steve rode excellent and bounced around the top ten all day. He ended up in 9th.

Jesse Doll 3rd place sprint

Longmire sprints for 4th

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cyclocross Nationals - Day 1 - Driving and going halfsies

Just got done mobbing a Chimi at El Caporal in Bend. The B races are tomorrow. I'm repping for all the MT pack fodder! Tomorrow's our day!
I wonder where Longmire is......

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lisa Curry Reporting - USGP 7 & 8

Day 1 - The course had been slick and muddy for the late-morning races, but had become quite tacky by the time we rolled out. The course began with a long paved straightaway that funneled into a corner followed by some gooey, thick-mud corners. I got a pretty good start and entered the first corner in the top 10, but was stopped and forced to dismount and run through the mud after someone just ahead of me slid out. I recovered quickly and jumped on Kelly Emmet's wheel, which enabled me to advance a few places on the long straight stretches that followed. Kelly eventually dropped me and disappeared. I was able to hold my position, maybe 12th or so for the remainder of lap 1 but was passed by a group on the long, paved start straightaway. In hind-sight, it is clear to me that I was being complacent and lazy. As the group passed I considered trying to jump on the last wheel, but convinced myself that I could catch them on the twisty, technical sections. Yep, that was definitely lazy and didn't work at all. I rode the next 2 laps alone and I passed a couple people on the twisty, technical, FUN section of the course. On one of these laps I ran the barriers with Coryn Rivera, who is a tiny little road racer. As we were running, I heard the announcer draw the crowd's attention to the short 5'2" racers on this section, which he assumed to be more difficult for us short people...oh, the things that get you recognition when you're pack-fodder.With one lap to go, Kristi Berg caught and passed me. I jumped on her wheel and she was making quick progress in the chase to the next 2 riders. After catching and passing one of the riders, I passed Kristi on a corner and agreed to take a pull. I think I put a little gap on her on the run-up and rode the rest of the race alone trying hard to catch the next rabbit. I came close but she still had a couple bike lengths at the start of the sprint and I couldn't get around her. I finished 15th, just in the money, which was totally unexpected and sweet. I think this was my best race performance of the season, not because of my placement but because I rode well, raced hard and felt like I was able to put everything together.

Day 2 - The conditions had changed considerably overnight and the course layout was slightly different. The mud had dried out in most places, the cornering grip was much better, and the course had more technical sections in the motocross park. I got a pretty good start again, but my spastic riding on lap one resulted in me dropping into DFL mid-way through the lap. I caught my wheel with someone on the first run-up and lost a few places, did it again on the second short run-up losing more places, then I collided with someone and ended up tangling my bars in the course tape and falling over. And.....there goes the field, CRAP! I was totally annoyed with myself for creating my own chaos and was on a mission to move through the field. I remounted and charged forward passing whenever I could. Although I started the race riding like an uncoordinated trail-plug, I feel really good about how I rode the remaining 4.5 laps. I caught and passed more than 10 people and enjoyed the race entirely. I never wanted to quit or asked myself why on earth I subject myself to such misery. I was just stoked to be racing my bike on a super fun course and to be moving up. The highlight of this race was definitely passing people in tight corners, especially since I lost a bunch of places in the corners at Starcrossed earlier this season. It is really rewarding to be able to easily recognize improvement with a particular component of racing. I've learned that cross racing in big fields is not just about fitness and snap, but is also about handling your bike, handling yourself around other riders, and being aggressive.

Bend or Bust

Tomorrow I leave for Bend and the Cyclocross National Championships.

I'm bringing my laptop and my camera. I'm planning on documenting as much of the festivities as possible.

-2 in Bend right now. -18 in Bozeman, and -5 in MIssoula. Advantage Montana riders??? :)

This Contest Is Now Completely, Ridiculously Awesome (Yes, Now It Includes a Trip to the Tour de France)

This Contest Is Now Completely, Ridiculously Awesome (Yes, Now It Includes a Trip to the Tour de France)

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 2 in Portland

Julie Zickovich gets 3rd place in the ladies B race!!!! Yes!! Great job Julie, what a breakout weekend. 4th and 3rd. I'll try to find some photos for the blog.

LC was 21st, and Bill Cochran was 34th in their respective races.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Montana Crossers in PDX

Lisa Curry continues to show her strength amongst the best in the US. LC finished 15th today ahead of big NW names like Kari Studley, Wendy Williams, and Kristi Berg. Wow. Go Lisa, you are rocking our world over here in the 5 degree temps.

Amy Frykman 34, Patricia Dowd 40th, John Curry 44th, John Fiore 21st, Bill Cochran 28th, Bridger Fiore 10th, Julie Zickovich 4th!!