Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, December 4, 2009

Freezer Burn Run this Sunday

Date: December 6, 2009

Time: 10:00am

Location: Frenchtown High School Parking Lot

"To motivate, encourage and support people of all ages in Missoula and surrounding areas to keep moving despite the fading good weather"

More info HERE

I wish I supported the Missoula running community more. It seems like a solid group of folks. Truth be told I really only do one run a year......The Freezer Burn. Steve Gaskill and company do a great job putting on this catchy event. I love his quote. Here in Montana we are deep in the shoulder season. The skiing is not that great, and it's too cold to what do you do?


Last year there was an epic battle at the back....

It started with Doug Dale walking down the hill at mile 10. Soon after that his Uncle and Ms. Jen Luebke stormed by him. Dale begged Jen for a gel. Then the worse hit poor Dale. Right at the finish line I came up on him looking worse then I did at the 2009 OSCR. We crossed the line together......two beat up human beings that had no place being out there. Another memory I have is seeing Ice and Halp laying in the grass 5 minutes before the start to hung over to move.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

UM Cycling Recruitment

UM Cycling is now recruiting. If you are interested in joining or asking questions email me.

Email Me

Last year was a great introductory year for the Griz. Coming into 2010 there are 9 returning riders on the team. Add the returners to a nice mix of up and coming talent and YOURSELF and the Griz could be poised to make a run at the Northwest Conference and Nationals. Come be a part of a fun group of riders.

The team is led by Captains Bryce Daviess and Lindsy Campbell. Lindsy had a breakout collegiate season last year and looks to bring a full ladies team to nationals in 2010. Bryce has made huge strides and is trying to formulate a men's A team. Also returning for 2010 are top athletes Johnny Montana, JAgner, Wes, Ivy Audrain, Emily Kipp, Rollo Scott and Josh Goldburg.

The team is looking to make a run at sending a squad to collegiate nationals. We need numbers. If your a Griz student or you know a Griz student encourage them to contact Lindsy, Bryce, or myself about joining the team. I'm thinking the team could have a very strong team trial squad. This could be a once in a life time run at Nationals.

Winter and early Spring means trainer rides, and some team bonding exercises.

Find the spirit of the ram and get on the hottest band wagon in town, UM Cycling!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Correction to last Post

Lindsay Campbell registered last night for the collegiate race! 1pm Sunday

Follow the live coverage on Follow all your fav MT racers.

Monday, November 30, 2009

John Fiore is Hungry for Nationals

The US National Cyclocross Championships are less then two weeks away. Montana will be well represented. John Fiore is a veteran of big cyclocross races and will help lead a strong Montana contingent. Below is the Montana Schedule.

9:45am Men B U29: Shaun Radley
11:00am Men B U39: Jesse Doll, Rick Finley
1:00pm Master 55 - 59: Steve Muller, Mike Longmire

9:15am Junior 13-14: Bridger Fiore
2:15pm Master Women 35 - 39: Patricia Dowd, Amy Frykman
3:30pm Master 45 - 49: Frank Gonzalez, John Fiore, Bill Cochran, Pat Scharfe

8:30am Master 50 - 54: Geoff Proctor, John Wehyrich
9:30am Master 40 - 44: Alex Gallego, Bryan Frykman
2:15pm Master 35 - 39: Rick Finley, Brad Morgan, Troy Kindred

11:15pm Elite Women: Patricia Dowd, Amy Frykman, Lisa Curry
1:00pm Collegiate Women: Lindsy Campbell
2:30pm Elite Men: John Curry, Brad Morgan

Photo by John Sieber