Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, November 20, 2009

Polson's Cross and Tie

To end the Montana Cyclocross season Matt Seeley will be hosting a new event. The Cross and Tie.

This event has really got me thinking.

Rumpus Cross and Tie - 2 people, one bike (experimental event)

For those participants looking for one last challenge at the end of the day, find a partner and try something new. The cross and tie will be a short (maybe 20 min) race in which partners alternate running and riding. At the start, one will ride ahead and drop the bike somewhere on the course while the other runs. When the following runner gets to the bike, he/she will jump on and ride past the leading runner to again leave the bike somewhere further along the course. The partners will continue leapfrogging each other until they have finished the required loops.

Brent Ruby and I feel like we will be unbeatable in this event, so we will gladly accept challenges from lesser duos.

-Matt Seeley

I've got my partner. I'll give you some clues to figure him out.
1. He's deceptively tall
2. He teaches a class at UM
3. He hasn't raced a cross race this year
4. He's got good hair
5. His name rhymes with Fatty Rice

Who's your partner.....................

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Helena High Race Report - by Lisa Curry

B/Women's race - 17 total with 3 women (Laurel, a Great Divide lady, and I) Jim Nallick (GAS Master's racer) took the hole-shot and led the entire first lap. Le Petite Master's rider Pat Scharfe was in 2nd. I managed to get up to 3rd wheel by the start of the second lap and took the lead coming through the parking lot after the volleyball court and before the barriers. If you've done this race at Helena High, you'll know what I'm referring to.. After about a lap on the front, I think Jim and Pat dropped back a few places and a guy I didn't recognize (on a mountain bike) was following 2nd wheel with Mark Brooke third wheel and a guy from Flathead was fourth wheel and had moved up from a conservative start. The Fitzgerald rider Dave Byers who led the first few laps of Saturday's race was in the top group as was Ed Warner of Great Divide. The top four or five of us stayed pretty close for most of the race with 2nd - 5th shuffling a little. Tim ended up moving into second and was putting quite a bit of pressure on the last few laps. I thought for sure he would catch me by the finish, but I pushed out the last couple laps really hard and held him off to win.

Men's A race - had some heated battles. Alex G. got the hole-shot and hammered the first lap.
Karl led and crashed toward the end of lap 1. Karl and John hung with him and created a gap, leaving Bob as the odd man out in 4th. Behind Presta was a solid group of 4 that stayed together for quite a bit of the race...Josh Bezecny, Jesse Doll, Jamal, and one of the Flathead guys (I think Tim Noonan). Toward the end of lap 1 or 2 (I don't quite remember), Karl took the lead and crashed on a tricky side-hill one-eighty corner and John squeaked by. John got a little gap on Karl, who quickly made his way past Alex to chase in 2nd. The gap between John and Karl was minimal and consistent for about a lap or two. After a couple of laps, it appeared as though John turned the screws a little harder and opened up the gap a bit more. A couple of laps into the race, Alex G. got caught by Presta and they rode together for quite awhile until Bob pulled away. Jesse and Jamal got away from Josh and the FH rider and rode together until 2 laps to go, at which point Jesse pulled away and finished with about a 5-8 second advantage. John Fiore moved up after a slow start and ended up catching and passing Josh Bezecny. Noonan ended up flatting mid-way through the race but was able to get a new wheel and finished.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Great Divide Race Report - Helena Day 1

After back to back Montana wins Karl Vanderwood emerged as the late season man to beat. His win at the State Championship over Bob and The Lung was impressive. If you asked Karl about racing against John Curry he would probably politely say, Oh I don't know if I'm on that level. However, many of us racers/fans in the Montana Cyclocross Scene would have disagreed with Karl and said that this weekend's racing in Helena showcased a much anticipated battle between the Flying Dutchman and Flurry Curry. Some of the riders and the Working Man Breakfast Crew had some underground bets going the week before. The predictions were coming out pretty much 50/50.

What did I think??

Well, as a betting man a usually play the odds. Something, that John said after the race really sums it up for me. "I really don't ever have problems with equipment." Not only does he not have problems with equipment but he rarely has "bad" days. Sam Krieg wrote a blog post last year that I think really sums up the Curry philosophy.

"If you are in shape…and have trained a decent amount… and your legs hurt and burn…it is a pretty good sign you are going hard…not that you have bad legs, but that you have fit enough legs to suffer. Somewhere along the way on the delusion train we have decided that going hard should feel good. That is crazy talk. The only time racing and training feels good…is when you are not going hard enough to make any gains or to win." - Sam Krieg

Karl is one of my favorite racers on the MT circuit, but I felt like everyone was making the trendy pick. He had just one the state championship, and was really on the up and up. John hadn't raced the last two weeks and I know it was because he was re-charging his batteries for a the final push. Sorry for the long explanation. In short I picked Curry to win.

Big intro to the actual race report :). Curry grabbed the hole shot and didn't look back. Scotty Herzig rode great in what was his final race of the season. I wish he would continue to Nats one of these years. He seems to be getting better at cx every year. Eventually KV caught Scotty and they rode together for awhile with KV netting the sprint for second. 4th was Josh B. Great to see him out. Props to Videographer Dan Pierce on his first 1,2,3 cx race. He kicked my ass :).

I had to stay home for Sunday's race so I didn't get a first hand report. Look for a race report tomorrow.

It looks like the Montana Nationals contingent is getting ready (Currys, Frykmans, AliG, Fiores, Jdoll, FrankG). How exciting!

Shout out Byron and the Great Divide crew for putting together a solid course and great organization.

I can't wait to see what Seely has in store for Polson CX.......capture the flag, two people one bike, pumpkin waffles, chilli......are you kidding me