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Monday, July 20, 2009

Tour of the Bitterroot - From Last to First the Scott Lenaburg Story

Thanks to Robin and the Bitterroot Land Trust crew for putting on the Tour of the Bitterroot. Also, thanks to Chad Duvall from Red Barn Bicycles, and the FVV crew.

I had just finished the 2008 Frozen Flatlands road race. I was completely dead from the early season effort, and could barely get back to the car. I slumped down and began to clean up. A dude walked over to the car and just started chatting. I recognized him from early season rides and I knew he was Joey's husband. He started talking about how he was having a blast racing, but he thought that he'd never reach a competitve level. He couldn't see himself ever being able to hang with the peleton. I tried to tell him that everyone gets dropped in the first season, and to just hang in there. I'd watched the crit the day before and wasn't too impressed with Mr. Lenaburg. I thought it was awesome that he was riding and supporting his wife's passion but I didn't know if racing was for him.......

Flash forward 1 year and 4 months to yesterday. Scotty Lenaburg takes the cat 4/5 time trial in the TOB to sew up his first victory in that field. In a year in half he's got his fitness on track and is a straight up racer. He's not some young gun like Zellmer or Weston. He's a travelling working man who decided to step his game up. I really enjoy living vicariously through the younger riders who have the whole world in front of them, but I really get inspired from guys like Lenaburg who just decide they want to be better.

Scorcher yesterday. Hardman Lussier stole the show in the crit, winning out of a two man break with none other then Mikey Longmire. In the TT, Freightrain was a freightrain and wrapped up the overall TOB crown. Other overall winners were Tam, Lussier, and Ivy.

Tour de Bozeman next weekend son!