Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tour de Bozeman - SIGN UP!!!!!

The Tour de Bozeman is shaping up to be a legit event. TWO THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW:

1. To qualify for the raffel you have to sign up by midnight tonight. I know what your thinking another raffel who cares.........YOU SHOULD CARE!!! It's a flipping Carl Strong Frame. Have you ever ridden a custom bike? Have you ever ridden a custom bike made by an award winning Montana builder?

2. This is the big road race this year. Remember Ecology Center? Remember Bitterroot Classic the last couple years? This is the race this year. This is the race people judge their season on. Folks will look back at the 2009 campaign and think about Roubaix, Cow Country, and the Tour de Bozeman.

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