Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cyclocross Nationals - Day 3 - Juniors to Masters

Bridger Fiore started off the day for Montana. He had a field of 40+ riders in the 13-14 category. Wow, I have never seen so many fast younger guys. Check out the pics below. Bridger looked great on the slippery corners and rode a composed race to finish in the top half.

Patricia Dowd and Amy "Frykmagic" Frykman were in the next race of the day, 35-39 master ladies. Amy moved up quickly after the start and jumped around the top 10 all day. It was amazing to watch. She rode an excellent race and finished in 8th place. PDowd crashed early on, but continued on her pit bike not realizing that she had a huge cut in her arm. She ended up passing tons of ladies to finish 13th and then took a trip to the doc for 7 stiches. Tough gal. Also of note regional rider Jenni Gaertner took 4th!

Our last Montana race was the Masters 45-49. Arguably one of the strongest fields for Montana riders. Bill Cochran, Frank Gonzalez, and John Fiore were representing. Bill was far back in the starting grid, but Frank and John had reasonable positions in 13th and 50th. Another exciting race. Frank was looking awesome. He rode silky smooth like only Frank can and ended up in 13th place. To me it looked like Frank G will be serious contender in this category for years to come. John Fiore started a bit slow but clawed his way through riders. He got as high as 25th before flatting on the last lap and settling for a place in the high 20's. Bill perhaps had the toughest challenge, fighting his way through riders. He finished 45th. Quite the accomplishement.

Internet is rare and so I'm posting as much as I can while still watching. I have lots of photos and vids to still update.

This morning we've got John Wehyrich, then Alex Gallegos and Brian Frykman. Yes! The scene is deep and the beer is excellent. Love it. Here's a couple pics of Fiores, and Longmire.

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