Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, November 20, 2009

Polson's Cross and Tie

To end the Montana Cyclocross season Matt Seeley will be hosting a new event. The Cross and Tie.

This event has really got me thinking.

Rumpus Cross and Tie - 2 people, one bike (experimental event)

For those participants looking for one last challenge at the end of the day, find a partner and try something new. The cross and tie will be a short (maybe 20 min) race in which partners alternate running and riding. At the start, one will ride ahead and drop the bike somewhere on the course while the other runs. When the following runner gets to the bike, he/she will jump on and ride past the leading runner to again leave the bike somewhere further along the course. The partners will continue leapfrogging each other until they have finished the required loops.

Brent Ruby and I feel like we will be unbeatable in this event, so we will gladly accept challenges from lesser duos.

-Matt Seeley

I've got my partner. I'll give you some clues to figure him out.
1. He's deceptively tall
2. He teaches a class at UM
3. He hasn't raced a cross race this year
4. He's got good hair
5. His name rhymes with Fatty Rice

Who's your partner.....................

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