Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jesse Doll Races the Utah State Champs

Jessie Doll stormed onto the cyclcocross scene. Last year in the 4's he was consistently in the top 5. While JDoll was a solid rider, not many people could have predicted the success he's having this year. Hard work, a passion for the sport, and a gritty attitude have taken Doll to the next level. Top results include a 7th at the state championship, 8th at Greased Lightning, and 5th overall in the MT series. Not a bad sophomore season :). Look for JDoll to be ripping legs in Bend...

Very interesting weekend...planned on doing both Saturday and Sunday, but Saturday's race was less than stellar with 2 flats (front and rear) and a nice introduction to Utah's goat head thorns. I was able to talk to some people afterwords and EVERYBODY runs Stans sealant in their tires regardless if they are tubular or clinchers. I pulled out 5 thorns on my rear wheel and 3 thorns in my front wheel, great way to ruin a pair for tires. So needless to say I chased all day and was able to stay on the lead lap. Bart Gillespie and Alex Grant both top 5ish at La Ruta de los Conquistodores a few weeks ago and Ali Goulet the leader of the USGP cycloross 35+ series and I think he was top 10 at elite nationals last year. Would have been easy to be intimated for sure.


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