Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday Night #4 - Big Groups, Strong Riders

Go Kipper! Emily Kipp rides a strong race on her Kona Mountain Bike. Karl came down from Helena. Lot's of group riding last night. A big group massed at the front of the race. Karl, Bob, Owen, Toby, and Sam all took to the front. The second half of the race got slimmed down to Bob, Karl, and Sam. S.S. looked good for Thunder and took the victory. It was awesome to have KV down for the evening. The men's B race was also dominated by a strong group. Dillon and Beltz were on the front controlling affairs. Chris C. gets the award for best dressed. 3 weeks in a row he's rocked the mysterious pink cutoff. He's even got Goldberg doing it now.

Toby laid down an excellent course last night. One of the best I've ridden at the fort. Shout out to John Sieber who delivered another gem of an album front last night. Click here.

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