Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wednesday Night #1 - Cyclocross in Montana

Last night the stars were aligned.

After two years of waiting it finally happened. Almost every Missoula endurance athlete raced last night at Fort Missoula. I knew the turnout this year would be bigger with the return of Jeffro, Halp, and Toby. However, only a bike nerd like me could truly appreciate last night's line up. Alex, Kiefer, Schultz, Gue, Fischer, Martin and Tack all showed up to race cross! I didn't know if I was standing at the start of the Hellgate Duathlon, Zootown Throwdown, or Rolling Thunder?!?!?!

Tim Bechtol pulled off something very tough last night. Tougher then winning any race, Tim set the course up, ran registration, and officiated?!?! Are you kidding me. Next time you see him give him a Double Haul!

The men's A race was dominated by a group of 3 riders who got a way early. Bob, Toby, and Sam rode together till the last lap. Sam put in an acceleration that couldn't be matched. Toby snatched second and Bob was third. After them came Elliot and Kiefer rounding out the podium. My initial guess is that the men's A had 20 starters (could be record??)

The men's B race was huge!!! Bike handler extraordinaire Mikey Beltz was announced the winner, but I saw Johnny Hot Pants sneak in with some A's. Regardless both racers had an excellent race. Mountain Biker Dillon Johnson, and 5VV rider Greg Larsen were also on the podium.

The ladies race was won by Nicky Phear. She looked great and primed for a run at this year's Rolling Thunder. I think MSlivka was 2nd. Props to KG, SRaz, Prodigy, Jessie and any other ladies who finished that challenging course.

Someone said there were 7 juniors racing?!?! Props to Zeb Ruby for rolling in strong with a bloody knee. Zeb's band the Wedge will be at this year's Rolling Thunder.

The master's races were won by John W and Pat Scharfe.

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