Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rolling Thunder Update - UM Cycling serves up a feast

Rolling Thunder is 5 days away. My race media guide will come out Thursday.

-UM Cycling captains Bad Bryce and Lindsay "Prodigy" Campbell are bringing their fund-raising game to the Thunder They will be serving burgers as a fundraiser for UM Cycling. $5.

-2 frame/fork and 2 complete bikes to be given away on Saturday. Big Sky Bikes is donating a Tricross Pro frame and fork to the winner of the Women's Elite Race. Missoula Bicycle Works is donating a Major Jake frame and fork to the winnner of the Men's Elite Race. Hellgate Cyclery is donating a brand new single speed commuter to the winner of the Men's 4 Race. Just added yesterday, Open Road is raffling off a felt f60x to anyone who enters Rolling Thunder.

-Confirmed Riders:
Pro Mountain Biker: SAM SCHULTZ
Pro Mountain Biker: ANDY SCHULTZ
Defending Champ: SAM KRIEG
06' & 07' Champ: CLINT "the lung" MUHLFELD
Montana Series Leader: JOHN CURRY
Defending Champ: AMY FRYKMAN
Master's National Champ: KRIS WALKER
Montana Series Leader: LISA CURRY

-Course Features - Hellgate Cyclery Spiral of Death, UM Cycling Terrible Tires, Haunted Forrest, Double Barriers, Ace Hardware Run-Up, Open Road Pit Area

-If you have to register day of, please try and make the scheduled times of 11-1 Saturday and 8:30-10 Sunday. I understand travel constraints so there will be someone at registration throughout the day, but make an effort if it's possible. Everyone has to sign in at the registration tent (even pre-reg).

-USA Cycling does not provide alcohol insurance for their events. I have taken out a policy under my own name for Saturday night. I do not want to use it. No under age drinking and no drunk driving. Beer will be served at the UM Cycling BBQ pit, but please use your heads and keep Rolling Thunder as an annual event.

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