Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rolling Thunder - Let's start talking

2009 Rolling Thunder is underway. This year we've got a full weekend of racing. October 24th and 25th. Rolling Thunder will be held at the same location; American Legion Field. Sunday's race will be held at the DNRC right down the street.

You can expect the same Rolling Thunder traditions; beer, night racing, music (DJ DT JB), fans, and a crazy course. We've already got some new things planned.

1. This year we're going to host a "First Timers Race." Tell all your friends who think your crazy for racing cyclocross to come out and give it a try. It's only $5! Tell your boss, tell your spouse, tell your mom, tell your bartender, tell your "freakishly athletic friend who doesn't like competition", tell everyone you know.

2. All proceeds raised from Rolling Thunder will benefit the Missoula County Boys & Girls Club.

3. Zeb Ruby's band "The Wedge" will be giving a live performance.

Those are the new announcements for now. In the next month I will release a prize list, a tentative start list, and course map. Also stay tuned for a course video.

Check the right ticker for Rolling Thunder updates. Also the race information flier (not poster) is up. It has not been approved yet, but I wanted to post it. Online registration is available on the right ticker. Discounts are available for online registration and for registering for both Rolling Thunder and Greased Lightning.

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