Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Butte Cyclocross - OG, Currys, and hard racing

Warren Smith and the crew at Homestake Lodge put on an excellent race last night. The course had lots of elevation. Both races took place under the lights.

The men 4, ladies, and masters b started the night off. UM and TWTT start Johnny Hot Pants quickly ran out in front. A crash pushed him back to second. GAS's Schoenfelder (sp) powered by the fallen UM man and never looked back. In the ladies race, LCurry quickly jumped to an early lead, finishing the first lap in 5th place overall. She won the race and finished in the top 5 overall. Gaskill was 2nd and looked strong throughout.

Next up was the men's 1/2/3, masters a. Toby quickly grabbed the hole shot followed by OG, KV, FrankG, and Thomas. OG quickly capitilized on his up front position and pushed the pace on the loose downhills. I could not see Curry up front and was wondering where he was. Sure enough Curry started his route from the back and quickly passed folks to slot into second. Gue continued to charge the descents and power up the climbs. His lead was too much for Curry to close. KV finished 3rd dealing with mid-race mechanicals. Master's a was taken by the ageless Mikey Longmire. I think masters b was won by le petite rider Pat Scharfe, it was either him or a GAS rider (I apologize).

Day 2 was the famous Butte Sports Complex course. John Coulthard set up a similar course, but the one major change was no barrier before the big run-up. This small course change turned into the pre-race talking point. Ride it? Run it?

Just like the previous night the ladies, men 4, and master b started first. Dusty grabbed the whole shot and eventually passed the lead on to Scott Lenaburg. He didn't look back all race and stole the victory. 2nd was a hard charging Brent Ruby, who is beginning to become famous for his slow starts and extremely fast finishes. In the ladies race LCurry once again grabbed the victory, only this time I believe she was 3rd overall in the race. KG, Joey, and the prodigy all rode excellent races. Masters b I think was won by a GAS rider or promoter John Coulthard.

The men 1,2,3 master a race started off hot with Bad Brad Morgan grabbing the lead and stringing everyone out. After the front group settled in, John Curry launched a vicious attack through the grass and didn't look back. He took the win followed by and impressive Scotty Herzig. Rounding out the podium was Matt Butterfield (another great ride).

Photos tomorrow.

Other Notes:

-Junior Bridger Fiore looked impressive taking both junior victories. Super props to the GAS junior and Zeb Ruby for finishes todays 50 minute slog.

-Brad Morgan and Frank Gonzalez both returned to racing after some summer injuries. In true form both racers looked strong and on the road to recovery.

-Next week is the Helena Omnium. The Montana Velo guys have put together a great weekend.

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