Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Top Ten Trends for the ZOO TOWN THROWDOWN

10. Having your kid enter the kid's race in full team kit. Mini Morgan represents, and so does McKenna.

9. Wearing another team's socks. Scotty Herzig rocks the Garmin socks and Tack's been known to slip in the Hagens Bergman socks.

8. Attacking for pure face time. Originated by Pipo Grove this lost art was refound by Brian Williams at Walla Walla, and Dale at last year's Tour of the Bitterroot.

7. Neon shades.

6. Composite teams. While I can't give away too many surprises. There will be at least one surprise team.

5. Getting your name called over the loudspeaker. Matty Ice told me a story on the Tour de Jetsy. He said that after the crit at Walla Walla people came up to him and congratulated him on his victory. He did not win. His name was called so many times on the darn loudspeaker that folks had thought he won. That's what you get for being pretty and staying on the front.

4. Including your family in either your victory salute or on the podium.

3. Encouraging your teammates in other categories. This isn't the NRC, this is Montana. We are proud to be on our cycling teams. Let your teammates know it.

2. Being aggressive. Every 1,2,3 crit this year has been won on a breakaway.

1. Winning two races.

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