Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cascade Cream Puff - The early Edition

For complete results and a short writeup click here.

Let's just get right into it. Terminator Jensen finished second overall in just under 10 hours. His new Orbea helped clear the path on the forest road climbs, and stay out of trouble on the descents. Jensen was 4th after the first climb and moved into 2nd after the second climb. He stayed in the 2nd for the rest of the race, riding alone. It was one of terminators finest performances. He ran on nuts, bolts, and oil.

Toby Meirerbachtol finished 9th overall and 3rd in the single speed category. After a slow start Toby came screaming by me on the first descent with Kona rep Kevin Noble in tow. At this point I had been passed or passed probably 40 riders on the descent and I didn't see anyone going as fast as Kevin and Toby. They were smoking. He continued his strong climbing and descending to move from 150th place to 9th after 10 hours in the saddle.

Next to finish was Doug Dale. He caught me on the first descent as well, but I soon passed him back. First time I ever passed Dale on a descent! Ha! It turned out Dale was having a heck of time with his chain.
Here are some stats on Dale's ride:
- His chain fell off 50 times
- He crashed into a river face first in the mud
- He consumed 50 GU packets, Gatorade and nothing else
- He threw his bike in the woods twice
- He finished 15th overall

After a long wait I came descending into the finish. My time was around 12:00 - 12:30 I think. The rain and the frequent aid stations made it possible for me to finish my first 100 mile race. Every aid station you were greeted by a volunteer who would take your bike, hose it off, lube the chain, and ask what you wanted to eat. It was first rate service. I met lots of cool people and ate 20-30 of these Gorge Delight bars. They were super good. I'm excited to be a CCP finisher and hope to be back next year.

Shortly after I finished DT JB came storming to the line. Shout out to all you DT JB doubters (you know who you are). Not only did he finish, he progressed all day. Mid way up the first climb JB was in 3rd to last place. He ended up somewhere in the middle of the field. He pushed a steady pace all day and enjoyed a feast of Gorge Delight bars, Perpetum, Watermellon, and trail mix. He road hard on the forest road climbs, and managed the descents. Don't ever count out Downtown Joel Brown. He is the Trail Ranger.

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