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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Montana Classic - Cow Country

This Sunday is the Cow Country Classic. It's one of the true Montana classic road races. The men 1,2,3 ride a hilly 87 mile course. All other categories ride 54 (juniors 27). Cow Country is essentially one big loop of long rolling hills. The race starts in Wolf Creek, MT and skirts the Rocky Mountain Front. It's truly a spectacular course.

I know lots of Missoulians are making the trip out. I think there will be a big turnout from Bozeman and Helena as well.

The early race season has been dominated by GAS with wins at the Roubaix, Belt and Unscratch the Gravel XC. The last two editions of Cow Country have been won by Josh Tack and Ben Parsons. Both are known for their killer climbing ability. So, does a climber always win Cow Country?

Well....I think that's part of it. I also think you need to have endurance. At 87 miles it's not only the longest road race in Montana, but for most riders it will be the longest race they do all year. It takes a true MT strongman. Also, with the long course; breakaways and teammates become a little more important. Having a strong team is beneficial at Cow Country. The year Parson's won Matty B. was in a day long break allowing BP to sit in for most of the day. Whatever your tactic is for Cow this is for gotta have the legs...

I wonder if KVanderwood is a cat 3 yet..........I'm scared......

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