Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, April 6, 2009

Frozen Flatlands - Not so frozen...

Photos added below

Beautiful weather all weekend in the Spokane area. Great turnout from Montana road racers. Results are posted here.

GAS, MT Velo, FVV, MJCF, Delphine, NRO, Flathead, Loudermart p/b Seven Cycles and Sportsman's were all represented.

My Highlights:

- Hey ladies! Megan Slivka wins the omnium with two firsts in the TT and circuit race and a second in the road race. She benefited from excellent work from the NRO cat 4 ladies team. Ivy and Campbell preserved the victory with hard riding in the circuit race. Both of them placed high in the overall. Mrs. Hamera Besseti rides a solo chase for 30 minutes in the circuit race! This just capped off and excellent weekend for the NRO captain. Anna Dingman in the cat 4's had a heck of a sprint. She gave Slivka a run for her money. Great weekend by the Bozeman rider.

- Willy Zelmer animates a 4 man breakaway in the cat 3 road race for 30 miles. This is after he placed 9th in the TT during the morning session. Smoking!

- Mariano Besseti races strong all weekend. I thought I was racing with Paolo Bettini. He was here he was there.....Mariano was covering moves, making moves, doing everything. 4th in the tt, 3rd in the road race, and 3rd in the circuit race. He was the top MT finisher in the cat 3's. Like the ladies 4 race, Mariano benefited from great teammwork (Mr. Seth Hansen and myself).

- Holy Agner! Who is this guy? Yes, TWTT star Jesse Agner place 2nd in the cat 4 road race! Way to go Jesse. He made a two man move in the finale and stuck it. Great racing.

- All day long for Nacho. Nacho Tack joined a solid breakaway in the road race comprised of powerhouse riders (Galin E, Ben Rhodes, ect). The break was caught with 10 or so miles to go. From there Tick Tack launched on a solo move. He was caught before the line...but great effort from the NRO man. In the circuit race he put a camera on his helmet :).

- Agressive Montanans. John W and Sebastian White were super agressive all weekend. John's hard work paid off with a win in the Master's A. Seb had a big impact on the circuit race even with no teammates. John W, Seb, and Elliot comprised of the most promising breakaway in the circuit race.

- Master's time. Longmire was up to his usual racing prowess, placing high in all three events to take 3rd overall. He had some help this weekend with Scotty Lenaburg and re-surged Blair Fischer. Both were a huge help, and Blair had a great weekend with a 5th in the omnium.

- Dan from Ride Clean. New to the Montana scene Dan Vasichek out of Great Falls was extremely impressive in his regional debut. He was 3rd in the tt and 9th in the road race. He placed high in the overall but I don't know officially where he finished.

- Sun Burnt. I got really sun burt and my white legs blinded all spectators.

Photos by Josh Tack


Josh, Gear Reviews said...

Who could it be now! Best sax solo ever. Also, our break was caught pretty quick. That damn Galen is so hot, he launched another move and stuck it with Mike Emde.

I'll have sunscreen for you in Walla Walla.

Shaun Radley said...

Dang Nacho.....good racing regardless. Get the helmet cam video up!