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Friday, April 10, 2009

2009 Grizzly Triathlon

First, let's qualify my triathlon expertise. In 2002 I finished second in the team competition at the Beaver Lake sprint triathlon. I had the 25th fastest bike split. If you aren't catching my sarcasm....I'll spell it out for you. I know nothing about triathlon! I like watching and all my friends race. So, let's have some fun with the Grizzly Triathlon predictions:

S: It seems to be a two horse race with the top pro Linsey Corbin and the powerful youngster Jen Luebke. I was bummed to not see one of my all time fav triathletes; Emily Kipp not on the start list. I've been impressed with Rachel and Lacy at TWTT. Also, I know Alison Forney-Gorman (sp) will be up there. I also think Meg G. is a sleeper in this race as H Schultz. Luebke will post the fastest bike split, but Corbin will run her down. Top 5: Corbin, Luebke, Alison, Megan G., and Lacy. My sleeper of the race is Anya. If you haven't heard of her you soon will...

Stacked field this year.....just like every year :). Seeley, Hoffman, Halpin, Matty Ice, and Terminator Jensen, just to name a few. Seeley is back in the event. Hoffman is faster then ever. Halpin has been in Tucson all winter riding (rumor has it swimming too), and Matty Ice we know can blaze a 5.2 time trial. Terminator's been working on teeth. So who's got the extra gear this year? While I'd love to pick Matty Ice, but I know he hasn't been running. Hoffman and Seeley will do battle early on. Jensen will fight through a broken rib to put up a smoking bike split. Top 5: Mr. Seeley, Hoffman, Halpino, Terminator, Matty Ice (sorry Matty, even as a broken man Terminator won't let you beat him). My sleeper for the race is UM Triathlon's Johnny on the Spot. Don't be surprised to see him in the top 7.


Elliot Bassett said...

Great photos.

Your post wasn't biased towards people you know ;)

Shaun Radley said...

Those are the only triathletes I know. :)