Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, March 19, 2009

TWTT Round 3 - Fast Times

I'll start my report by trying to make up for my lousy officiating skills. First off, 3rd place yesterday went to Andy Fischer with a 12:41. I skipped him on accident during the post race awards. Also, another major mistake was our 5th place finisher, Jeff "Stinky." Stinky had a great ride for 5th place with a 13:08. Great ride by both of those guys. I hate when that stuff happens because I've been there before and I know how frustrating it is to go 110% and not get a correct time or place.

Many folks were saying "perfect" conditions yesterday for the TWTT. The times reflected it. 27 riders and lots of close times.

WORLD CHAMP: In the World Champ competition Matty Ice won the day, hung onto the jersey, and set a new course record! 11:48!! With each week Matty's times are getting more and more impressive. 9 riders were in the 13:00 - 13:32 time slot ( John, Stinky, Wes, Andrew, Jesse, Dusty, Kyle, Josh T., and Jeffro). Mariano Bessetti broke his own PR with a 12.19 and hung on to 2nd overall. A. Fischer came through with a smoking 12:41, becoming the 3rd rider this season to break 13 minutes.

PEOPLES CHAMP: Our two top contenders did not show, but that was not a problem as a couple TWTT rookies came in and threw down. Ivy Audrain and Megan Gaskill both slotted in with a 14:58 tying for first on the day. Second went to Kellie Corim who just continues to impress; 15:20. Taking over the top spot overall was Lacy, who's consistency has paid off. She now has a 4 point lead over Megan and Lindsay.

PERFORMANCE of the WEEK: The performance of the week jersey went to Jeremy "Dunph." Two reasons: he shaved 34 seconds off of his PR and he's got a big weekend ahead of him in Oregon. Close calls for the jersey went to Jeffro for his cutoff jersey and arm warmers. Also biggest losers (like the tv show) Jesse and Stinky each shaving off 1:25 and 1:37 off of their PR's!!

PR BREAKERS: Jeffro 6 seconds, Besseti 13 seconds, Andrew 14 seconds, Matty Ice 20 seconds, John 23 seconds, Wes 29 seconds, JDunph 30 seconds, Nick 30 seconds, Dusty 46 seconds, Jesse 1:25, Stinky 1:37

First rider off at 6:15 again next week. I will not calculate best 4 out of 5 races till after the last race 4/8/09. Photos by Tamera B. Click here for full gallery.

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