Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, March 12, 2009

TWTT Round 2 - Newbies and Cold Fingers

Photos by Tamera B.

On the coldest TWTT ever we saw a nice crowd of 20 riders. Generally, the times were slower then last week, but a couple hardy cyclists beat their PR. Wes (don't call me Pipo) Furlong continues to perform at a high level with a new PR of 13:39. Also, destroying his time was Dusty Slivka with a 14.09....30 seconds better then last week. Then there was Megan Slivka who came in a blazing 14:31, which not only beat her best time, but it won the day and set a new season record for the ladies.

The Performance of the Day Jersey went to Dusty Slivka. Look at his face in the first picture....and tell me he doesn't deserve that jersey. Great riding.

The World Champ Jersey hangs on for another week with a flying 12:22. Matt (Matty Ice) Shryock holds onto the jersey with another consistent performance. Bessetti with a 12:50 continues his strong 2nd place charge. Matty 40, Besseti 36.......then it gets crazy. We now have a three way tie for third. John, Jeffro (best outfit of the day), and Wes all have 26 points. Tie breaker goes to the best PR which is John from last week, 13:23.

The People's Champ Jersey is now a tie! With Lindsay and Megan swapping victories we've got a dead heat at 38 points. It gets better....we also have a tie for 2nd with Lacy and Rachel locked up at 28.

There were some special awards give out. Chuck D got an award for the first ever MTB TWTT. Katherine K also got an award for throwing down her first TWTT and hanging tough.


Amy and Brian said...

Hey Shaun, what do you know about the Missoula training race on Saturday? What's the length? Profile? Time, etc.? I checked on the MBRA site, and they don't include much in the way of details.

Thanks! --Amy

Shaun Radley said...

AFrykman, thanks for the comment. I'm sure the MJCF crew is working on the logistics. I know the race will be 32 miles and will be broken down into self selecting groups (usually A, B, and first timer). In past years there's been registration at Missoula Bicycle Works, and on site. The race is held in Clinton, right off the interstate. It's 4, eight mile circuits that are basically dead pan flat. The wind can play a factor, but the only real rise is a 150 meter pitch after a turn. The finish is slightly uphill (2%), but not that noticeable. I don't know a time yet, but I'm guessing 11am.