Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, March 5, 2009

TWTT Round 1 - The Next Generation

Great racing under 50 degree overcast skies yesterday. The young guns came out to play. We had 14 racers throw down a time; 5 ladies and 9 guys. I was super impressed with the overall times. Equipment ranged from full time trial aero setups to road bikes with sneakers (I love it). Matty Ice (Matt Shryock), looked serious from the start. Not purposely he ended up starting last. So, with all the other riders on course and Mrs. Mtcx watching the finish it was just Matty Ice and the clock. I gave him the ten count and off he went. First he missed his pedal (it wouldn't be a Matty ride if there wasn't at least a mini mechanical...he's a Shryock). I watched him power up the road and knew it would be a good time.

I ran over to the finish and started writing down times for Mrs. Mtcx. Boom! J Goldburg comes in with a 14:19. The best time is on the board. Soon after L Campbell and Kellie Corim fly in to the finish posting a 14:49 and 15:01 respectively. Excellent times for the UM captain and Nordic expert. Shortly after those two crossed the line, the second coming of Pipo, Wes posts the new best time with a 13:51! I was pumped for the UM tri/cycling wild man. It was a short reign on top as UM rookie John broke the race open with a impressive 13:23. As we heard the disc wheel humming down the Rattlesnake we knew it could only be one man. JEFFRO. I knew it would be close but Jeffro slotted in at 13:38. John was still on top with only 4 male racers left. On the ladies side Campbell was biting her nails as hard woman Megan was yet to finish. Megan popped in with an excellent 14:56, just 7 seconds back of Campbell. Also finishing around this time was Ironman Dusty with a 14:37. The ladies competition had one more competitor out on course. Lacy in tennis shoes was running close to the leader board! She was moving on the final stretch and just finished outside the top 3 with a 15:20. Excellent riding by the UM triathlete. So with 3 guys left on course the leader board was sure to be shuffled. Who would come around the corner first. We had Geneco, Bessetti, and Matty Ice. Boom! Here comes Bessetti down the stretch powering his white Louis Garneau TT bike.....12:32! Holy Crap! Geneco pops in with an impressive 13:31, putting him inside the top 5. One rider left. Matty Ice looked like an arrow. Sleek and fast Matty zoomed down the final stretch. I think I even saw a calf muscle pop out of his leg after the ride....12:08!

For Lindsay and Matt's ride they each get to wear the leader's jersey next week. The Performance of the day jersey went to Wes who will be showing off his kit next week. Remember anyone who beats their PR from here on out gets a prize!

Great riding all around. Hope to see more folks next week. Anyone is welcome to come throw down a time. The starting order for next week is based off of the overall standings which are:

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Anonymous said...

Matt went that fast!? I knew the little fella was fast but shit! A guy could attract a good looking woman with a time like that.