Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sam Schultz - On the rise again

Sam Schultz finished 4th at this week's Kenda Cup in Fontana. The weekend before he was 2nd at the Pan American Championships. Looks like Sam is back at it...putting the hurt on the mtb world. I like how it's common now for the media to mention Sam in the same breath as the best in North America. He and Andy are the future of mountain biking.....and they're from Montana!!! Here's what Sam said about the race:

"The race last weekend was sweet. I felt pretty good from the start but I just wasn't quite in the right position and I couldn't bridge to the lead guys. They were going real fast. I ended up riding with JHK quite a bit and closing down a little time toward the end but not enough. I felt good though and I am really psyched with 4th place."

Andy Schultz finished in 13th right behind the Wells' brothers. Solid start to the Spring campaign for the Missoula native. It sounded from the reports that Todd Wells was caught up in some early race crashes....maybe Andy was mixed up in that as well. Regardless great racing from the Montana Boys. It's great fun having folks to root for on the pro circuit.

Also, Missoulian Zephanie Blasi was 19th in the pro women's race.

I wonder if we could get a Schultzs vs. Wells cyclocross challenge at Rolling Thunder.....

Photos from Marty Coplea's Facebook.

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Matty said...

I'm disappointed Sam is running in that picture. I thought he could ride up anything.