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Monday, March 9, 2009

New Blog - Farm to Market Bikes - Phil Grove

I have added a new blog to the "Favorite Blogs" list. It's Phil Grove's latest venture; Farm to Market Bicycle Company. If you know Pipo then you know he's always been into alternative transportation and bicycle commuting. He now has a forum to spread some of his Pipoisms. Here's what to look for in the blog and the company:

"For now, it consists of building city bikes for friends, reporting on products, commuting tips and general sustainable living news. With much more to follow" - Phil

Don't forget TWTT is this Wednesday at 5:30. Come lay down a time and see where you form is. Tacos are at 7:30 at Bessetti's. Don't forget our jersey holders are overall leader's Matty Ice and L Campbell, and Peformance of the Day Wes Furlong. Remember best 4 out of 5 count, so even if you missed the first one your still in the hunt.

Did you see Paris Nice on Versus this weekend? Contrador wins a 5.8 mile TT! Wow! I thought short flat time trials for a weak point for the Spaniard. Wait till he gets to the mountains. Versus will be airing the final stage next Sunday. On a side not our current leader in the 5.1 mile TWTT course Matty Ice would have done a 13:43 on the 5.8 mile Paris Nice opening stage. That would placed him in last place 43 seconds behind the bottom. Not bad for the Whitefish native.

Also of not are some Montana athletes racing down in Tucson. Jen Luebke and Brendan Halpin were down South doing some stage racing, here's what Halpino had to say:

"Just raced my first stage race down in Tucson. Finished 7th in the GC. I was 3rd in the circuit race and TT. The road race got messed up and our group was neutralized and a break slipped away amongst the 2's when they passed us for the 2nd or 3rd time. Luebke won the 4's TT, road race, and was second in the circuit race. The circuit race was super fun and I was in a break for 30 + miles and 3 of us stayed away from the pack." - Brendan

Check out Jen's full report on the NRO blog here.

I wonder who will win the performance of the week jersey.....I'm thinking a UM Triathlete....Lacy...or maybe Rachel.....or maybe Mr. Goldburg....

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