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Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Weekend Coming Up

There's a training race this weekend?!?!?! I better stop eating cookies and drinking weird mix drinks with Horan and start training!!

Yes, that's right this Saturday is Missoula's first of two training races. I don't care if you're out of shape. Come out and support the Montana Junior Cycling Foundation. These two races are big fundraiser's for the team. So, please come out and spin your legs for the future of bicycle racing in Montana. Check out the MJCF blog for race updates. This Saturday's race is 32 miles (4 laps on an 8 mile circuit). It's perfect for new racers or folks just putting the skis away. No excuses for Missoulians, I expect to see every racer out. No travel expenses, no long distance travel, just an excellent cause!

There is one worthy excuse for missing the MJCF sponsored training races. The first collegiate race of the season in Corvalis, OR. UM Cycling kicks off it's long awaited season. I'm nervous just writing this. Jdunph, Half man Half animal, Johnny on the spot, Agressive Agner, Roltastic and Lcampbell have been putting the time in organizing and now it's time for them to show off their stuff. More information to come after our Wednesday night taco feast.

I wonder if the weather will be nice in Corvalis this weekend......


UM Cycling said...


Weather looks like 50s with a chance of rain...go figure. Also, what is te deal with bringing stuff to Elliot's for the Taco fest.


ShaunRadley said...

JDunph, every Wednesday after riding we eat tacos. As you know riding the TT is only half of the experience. We eat tacos and watch a bike movie. I bring meat, Jeff brings con queso, Elliot has cheese, salsa, and chips, and anything else people bring. So, salsa, guac, sour cream, veggies.

Elliot Bassett said...

Best blog picture yet. Off the cookies, on the bike. Yeah.