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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tour of California

The Tour of California is coming. Versus will have full coverage, or you can go with What a great week of racing.

Will Floyd Landis be the first rider from a domestic team to win the race? I wouldn't put it past him. If Floyd gets the jersey I worry about his team defending it. I like Tim Johnson and Rory Sutherlund, but I don't know if they can fight off Astana and Columbia. The odds on favorite is Levi Leipheimer. He'll have a super strong team with Armstrong, Horner, and Brajkovic. It's hard for me to envision him loosing.

My pick for the Tour of California is Landis. He is crazy....every photo of him I've seen this year is scary. He's got the fire..

However, my favorite part of the TOC is the showcase of domestic talent. Last year BMC impressed folks riding super aggressively. Look for more of this. Not only from BMC, but also Bissell and Ouch. Look for a top 5 five performance from Zirbel in the Solvang TT. Also, don't surprised if the other Haedo, Sebastian jumps in the winners circle for the first time for us Colavita Sutter Home Team. Last year the squad was bitterly disappointed with their exclusion from the race and looks to prove something to the organizers. I also like Candian Cam Evans to surprise folks with an early lead in the KOM. He's a tough rider, who is rounding into good early season form. Another tough rider is Scott Nydam from BMC, he'll be looking for an early KOM lead as well. I think the usual TOC stars will be there; Hincapie will contest in a rolly stage, Cav will win a stage, Gesink will climb well, and VanVelde will be top 5.

My sleepers for the overall are Micheal Rodgers, Ben Jacque Maynes, and Francisco Mancebo. I think Cancellara will win the TT but that will be it for Saxo Bank.

I wonder who my dad is rooting for.....


Josh, Gear Reviews said...

Hey Shaun, good call on Landis. He may not have the fastest TT, but he's feisty in the mountains.

I'm going with Cancellara. He proved to me last season that he can climb, and we all know he can take care of business in the TT. Levi will be up there too, but he's just not dynamic enough in the mountains to break away from the contenders.

Anonymous said...

Naturally I that Lance or Levi will win it. Astana is a strong team and they will work for both of these American riders in a USA race. They will save Cancellara for France. Attached is a video of a Lance interview. He puts a British reporter in his place and shows why he is the man.