Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tour of California Stage 6 - Was there any doubt? Levi takes it

For a couple minutes Dave Z looked prime to take stage 6. He was 8 seconds up on Gustav Larrsons time at the checkpoint. In his ultra aero tuck Dave looked amazing. However, you can't mess with Levi in the Solvang time trial. I loved the Montana shoutouts from Phil Ligget. He was talking about Levi's parents and grandparents over in Montana. It was sweet. The time trial didn't really shake anything up. George and Jens moved up quite a bit, but no one was a complete disaster. My favorite ride of the day was from Tom Zirbel. Another great tt perfromance. The Euro announcers (Backstedt (sp) and McCrossan) were saying he's primed for a pro tour team. Bissell had Zirbel 7th, Ben 11th, and Vennell 17th! Great riding!
To me it's very similar to last year. Just replace David Millar with Dave Z. So, what will Garmin do today and tomorrow? They will attack like crazy. Look to see both Tom's, Trent Lowe, and Christian flying up the road. Astana looks great for the overall victory, but Garmin won't give up without a fight. I think Columbia won't be as agressive. Hincapie and Rodgers aren't pure climbers. If Garmin animates with their pure climbers it will be interesting to see the diesel engine riders bridge up. Great racing ahead! 3pm Versus!

Also of note, Missoula's got some great group rides this weekend. Both today and tomorrow are going to be beautiful. 11am!

I wonder if the Seahawks will pick Crabtree.....

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