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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tour of California Stage 4 - Cavendish!

How ironic that Cavendish almost pulled the early celebrate....just like last year when he nipped Boonen at the line while the big Belgium celebrated.

Beautiful weather and great racing yesterday. The three man break had strongman McCartney, US Champ Hamilton, and Serge Pauwels and young up and comer. It was good breakaway group. They worked together nicely and looked poised to stay away. Columbia, Quickstep, and Garmin all sent two guys to the front and drilled the pace. Unlike yesterday's casual reel in, this seemed to be a much more concerted chase. Micheal Barry and Kevin Hulsmans we're pegging it on the front for over 40k. The Cervelo boys lined it up again at the finish with Kalstrom and Rollin, but this time Hushovd settled for 4th as Cavendish used Thor's train. Boonen surged in the last 25 meters but it was too late. I'm enjoying Rock Racing's aggressive tactics. Mancebo won every sprint and almost every mountain yesterday to retain both those classifications. I still think their holding Sevilla back for an attack later in the race. Look for another sprint today. Mrs. thinks a break will get away over the rollers, but I say Columbia smells another stage. My pick for today is J.J. Haedo. He has the most stage wins in TOC history. He was third yesterday and should have the support of his team today. His bro Sebastien has been sneaking in the top ten consistently, watch for him to place top 5 today. Have fun watching...remember (free) or (free).

I wonder how Powers is liking the TOC after a full cross season......


Patricia Dowd said...

"It wasn't even close. Boonen was outclassed by Cav," Amgen Tour of California website. Sorry, Radley.

Shaun Radley said...

Thanks for the comment. However I think your quote is from today's stage (stage 5). Stage 4 was yesterday where Cav beat Tornado Tom by two tire lengths. They had to look at the photo. Today's stage, I agree, Cav made a statement. Boonen tried to come around and even sat up in the end.

Regardless, glad to see your following the Tour of Cali. It's super entertaining. I'm also glad you've got the team blog up and running. Excellent!