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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tour of California Stage 1 and 2

Tom Peterson!!! Holy crap. I got in late last night from Stevens Pass, and was feeling under the weather so I turned on the TV to find a recap of yesterday's stage. Through the driving rain Levi blew the race up. He picked off the the breakaway riders and only one rider stayed with him on the climb....NW boy Tommy Peterson. He sat on Levi and the sprinted around him for the stage win. Not only did he get the victory but he kept Dave Z in the race for the overall. If that had been Jason McCartney or Carlos Barredo they would have helped increase the lead and Levi could have all but won the tour outright. Now we've got a glimmer of hope with an on form Dave Z and Michael Rodger in the TT. I loved seeing Ben Jacque Maynes and McCartney talking in the breakaway. I wish Ben could have hung on. Barredo is a very tricky rider and I thought he would figure out a way to win the stage.

It was interested to hear how surprised the announcers were about Mancebo's victory on stage 1. I think I heard them say it was the ride of his life. I guess it's all relative but does anyone remeber when Mancebo was a top 5 rider in the Tour de France?! The Tour of California is a big deal this year, but a top 5 in the Tour is a top 5 in the Tour! Mancebo's ride was similar to Dominic Rollin last year. Courageous, brave, tactical, and powerful, but the ride of Mancebo's life? I don't think so.

More importantly we had some MT racers doing work in Phoenix. Josh Tack, Tamera, and Ivy were all over in AZ to race Valley of the Sun. Tamera and Ivy were both top 25 in the TT and T made the front group during the road race. That's all I know right now. Stayed tuned for a full report.

Horan's in town....


Anonymous said...

I say ride of his life! He attacked 1k after neutral! Was joined by two good riders, sent em packin like schoolboys, climbed mountains, was caught near the end and dispatched his would be attackers in the sprint. Johan was out of place bitching about poor communication, anyone who sticks a move like that deserves respect. Astana misjudged him and he proved himself. Not only was this the ride of his life, I say it was one of the more epic rides by anyone in a while. Remember, Rollin had a group of ten for most of his stage. Day of his life, yes, tour of his life, F no. He burned his whole race in one day. He did what he had to do though, ROCKS NOT DEAD!!!
Pippo Cycling 08 Superfan!

Shaun Radley said...

Mancebo's ride was amazing, but I still don't think it was the best ride of his life. He rode like a man possesed and was underestimated by Astana. However he's got 8 top ten's in the Vuelta and Tour including a 4th place in 2005. He also won the Spanish National Championship in 2004. Rollin rode Hincapie off his wheel on the flat last year. Mancebo ditched Nibali and everyone else who got near, but it wasn't anymore impressive then Rollin in agruably worse conditions.