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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Taco Tuesday Time Trial / MSU Cycling

Taco Tuesday Time Trial Series had a short but intense history. Just like Rolling Thunder it was the brainchild of Pimpo (bet you didn't know that). Phil said why don't we do an unofficial time trial and then eat tacos and listen to Hot Chip. That year we had just a mangy crew. Kayak, and Mary were out there along with a few other none cyclists. Phil wore his used Prime Alliance skinsuit. Baby Defries was the first ever rider to lay down a TTTT time. The whole Missoula crew has thrown down a time, from Toby to Marzullo to Nacho to Nylene. SAK won the series one year. Halp's thrown down, Dale's rode his cross bike and even KG and Clark put times up. TTTT is back...........

Good point brought up by MSU Nathan on my last post. MSU Cycling doesn't get too many shoutouts on I'll replay my favorite memory and favorite MSU riders of all time. My favorite memory is from the 2006 UM crit. It was held at Fort Missoula and it just so happened Andy Schultz and Ben Kneller entered the men's A race. They pulled every lap of the crit. I guess you could argue that neither of them won or even placed in the top 3, but it was an impressive show of strength. What made it that more impressive was that the day before Kneller had soloed off the front in the road race to take the win. I've got a couple favorite MSU riders. Maybe I'm bias because I raced with these guys the most. Pip Bell, a tall, built rider who could sprint with the best of him. I still remember when we raced B's one year and this tall dude showed up in an all black kit. He destroyed. Pip was a class act, and a super strong rider. We suffered in the cold and rain in Walla Walla one year......I'll never forget it. My second favorite MSU rider is Grahm Meng "Dynasty." Dynasty was my dog during the 2007 road season. He had some of the funniest race commentary/strategy I've ever heard. One thing is for sure Dynasty is one nasty rider. I could never put my finger on Dynasty's road cycling strenghs....he was just always there, and seemed to have the legs to follow the moves. I liked how was and continues to be stronger then people anticipate. Last year at Grizzly Triathlon the dude was flying on the bike.

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Im glad to see taco tues is making a comeback!!!!!!