Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, January 12, 2009 gets Married

I took a long break from over the holidays. Lots of stuff happened and none of it was biking related. I travelled to Williston, ND for Christmas and visited Mrs.'s parents. It was great. I watched lots of NFL, won some money, ice skated, and hit the local watering holes. Once back we shipped off to Whitefish to start the wedding extravaganza. It started off with a triple threat of bachelor party, bro's 21st bday, and New Year's Eve. Next was my dad's epic speech at the rehearsal dinner, followed by the big wedding day. Yes, Mrs. Montanacyclocross and I are official. I'm wearing a ring......

After that we spent a week in Jackson slaying pow and drinking hot toties. Now I'm back in Missoula and about to hit my first trainer ride of the season. After 15 straight days of drinking and doing nothing it will be interesting. I'm predicting T-money will crack the whip on me. I've been thinking about the road season.......what a surprise!?! My friend Brian Williams moved back to Missoula. He's a great rider, and an even better sprinter. I'm hoping he'll ride for NRO.

Also, I've been thinking about the UM homies alot. Daviess and JDunph are getting the troops lined up. Props to Downtown JB and Lil Matty for joining the ranks. You two will be excellent additions.

Sorry for the none cycling/cross related post, but it's been awhile.

It was great to see everyone in Whitefish. Props to the Portland, Seattle, and Missoula crews. I look forward to more great memories on bike or boards.

Photos by Kristen Germain

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