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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Missoula Crit

Yes, there have been early talks of a Missoula Downtown Crit. Northern Rockies Cycling Team would like to put on a downtown Missoula crit. The details are fairly vague right now. We want the crit to be downtown and sometime in the mid-summer. Racing will last the majority of the day with the men's 1,2,3 finishing the day around dinner time. I never raced Ecology Center Classic when it had the downtown crit, but everyone I've talked to seemed to love the event. Hopefully we can capture the Missoula Community feel, and provide not only great racing but a spectacle for spectators.
On a cross note and favorite got the nod for the world's team. Congrats to Matt Shriver. I love all those ex collegiate racers and Shriver is as good as it gets. He went to Proctor's Euro Camp and had some decent results. Now he will join Trebon and possibly Powers and Page on the US World's Team. Powers and Page haven't officially been named but Velonews reports they are the probables. Shriver has been keeping a nice blog of his events in Europe. I've followed him for awhile on Jittery Joes. He's a good solid racer. He didn't have a road contract for next year so he decided to go all out with cyclocross. It paid off as he has earned the world's slot.

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