Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lance Armstrong

I watched the Tour Down Under like a hawk. I couldn't miss Lance Armstrong's return to the pro peleton. Watching Lance race reminded me why he is the greatest athlete in the world. Since he's been out of cycling I'd forgotten about the cyclist Armstrong and could only remember the celebrity Armstrong. The Lance who has articles in People Magazine and TMZ. Stage 2 of the Tour Down Under Lance surprisingly jumped away with young Australian hope Jack Bobridge. It was an agressive move that made me jump off the couch as I recognized the black helmet. On Stage 3 the heady Armstrong recognized the head wind and made the front group with Micheal Rodgers and Stuart O'grady. As soon as he got in the group he started working. It was great to see Lance working in a breakaway that he wouldn't have touched during his tour years. On stage 5 Matty Lloyd jumped from the bunch over Willunga Hill and Lance acelerated from the peleton like he used to on the Alp against Jan Ullrich. He quickly closed the gap to the break.

It's early in the year and Lance would be the first to tell you that. But if you watched any of the Tour Down Under you understand what I'm talking about. Lance just makes cycling exciting. It's like watching Micheal Phelps. You can actually believe and root for him because he almost always comes through. He changes the sport and brings it to a new audience.

I wonder if Downtown JB is attending WMB tomorrow.....

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