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Friday, January 23, 2009

Guest Post - Andrew Genco speaks up about an interesting scheduling conflict...

Yes the road season just kicked off this past weekend down in the land of OZ, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the 2009 cyclocross season. Earlier this week while checking out the news on the VeloSnooze, I saw the date for the 2009 edition of Star Crossed. Many of the Missoula cross racers, attended the 2008 edition, along with plenty of top-notch American cross racers. The date (September 19 and 20) stuck out to me for one reason or another, and later in the day I realized it was the same date as SingleSpeed World Championships down in Durango, CO. Because I have already sent in my check for worlds, I knew that I wouldn’t be changing my plans, but I started to think about some of the other fast folks who have raced at both SSWC and Star Crossed.

Adam Craig and Carl Decker both show up at cross races to hand out fistfuls of pain, and both have won SSWC. It goes for Kelli Emmit and Rachel Lloyd (who has shown this season that she can hang with the best when it comes to a cross race). Would either of them want to head back to SSWC to try and earn a matching tattoo on the other ass cheek (I’m not making this up, both of these ladies got their winning tattoos on a butt cheek)? Barry Wicks seems to always race a full cross season, but he was a close third at the 2008 SSWC, and might want to head back for the tattoo. Sue Butler, who I think won at Star Crossed last year, also won SSCXWC last year. Maybe Sue has the goal to be the first person to win both SSWC and SSCXWC. Travis Brown has put the hurt on folks in cross races since I was knee high to a duck, he also has two SSWC victories to his credit, and is a part of the crew of flunkies from Durango who are putting on the race. Is there any chance Travis helped them land on this date, to throw some of the pros for a loop?

I have no idea, but these are the things I think about while I ski, or pedal away like a fool on a trainer. I’m sure few people who read this website care as much about SSWC as much as I do, but to me it just one of those events that you have to experience to understand how great it is. I have yet to meet someone who has raced at SSWC, and when all was said and done they had hated the entire event, and never wanted to be a part of it. So who knows what decisions the pros will make, but I do know that Adam Craig, Carl Decker, Rachel Lloyd, Kelli Emmit, and Barry Wicks are one the list of registered racers for SSWC09. What would you do if you were in their position?


Anonymous said...

Do what you gotta do. If the man wants you be somewhere thats where you gotta be. If your like the rest of us, follow your heart.

Anonymous said...

An ancient proverb says "Do Work" and that is what shall be done.


Anonymous said...

Im following my heart right to Durango, CO to rape my lungs, legs, heart and liver. I can't wait to see you all at the singlespeed looney bin.