Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Euro Cross Camp in Full Swing

Montana State Student Nathan Phillips is in Europe helping support Geoff Proctor and the cross racers at Camp. He's also finding time to write some sweet articles for Cyclocross Magazine.

It's a must read, click here

Monday, December 21, 2009

Richard Sachs

Cycling news article on Dan Timmerman and the Richard Sachs cx team.

I think there's been a lot of mis-interpretation amongst cyclocross fans with Amy Dombroski and Richard Sachs. Dombroski is an elite level cyclocross racer who wants to ride lightweight bike stuff. Sachs is loyal to his sponsors and loyal to his brand image. Did you know they had won 9 nationals championships? Timmerman's bike weighs 19lbs and he won 6 UCI races this year.

You may not agree with Mr Sach's all or nothing style, but you have to respect his team management skills and his devotion to cyclocross.

Interesting take from Richard:

"Please remember this from an earlier email, as well as from years past in case you've heard me state it before: there is only one first reason we exist and why we go to races. That first reason is that we owe our souls to every single sponsor, equipment provider, behind-the-scenes donor, and fans/followers/friends who support us.

"We are at the races to prove a point. That point is to be ambassadors for all of those I just mentioned. (Y)our obligation is to know everything about every company on the kits as well as about every part we use until the season ends. We are at the venues to represent, and represent well. We (the team - you - us - the folks who raced here before 2009) give good brand.

"In an era and in a climate in which teams falter, vaporize, splinter, cease to exist, and just plain can't raise a fucking dime, we are flush. We are quite flush atmo. Data point - we're not Radio Shack flush, but heck - I can only panhandle so much, huh. We have parts. We have a good war chest of funds. And we have each other.

"Let's represent, let's make memories, and let's race."

Friday, December 18, 2009

B's for life - Shaun's Race Report

I haven't had the "night before Christmas feeling" since our family used to visit Toys R Us in the nineties. I was siked for Bend. Pro riders, bike parts, top notch racing, and bad food. Anyone who knows me might say those are my four favorite things. I almost forgot I was racing........well not really since Prodigy and I arrived at the venue on race day at 6:45am! Check out the pic.

The second person in the parking lot was a lady from the midwest who's bike hadn't been un-packed from her flight. Our tent and ghetto toolbox gave her a false sense of mechanic's skills. She asked me to put her bike together. It was 0 degrees and I was putting together a cross bike as the sun rose. My hands were frozen as I jumbled with parts. It was not a good start to race day.....

I jumped on the trusty Major Jake with my down jacket, ski pants, and mittens. I looked like I was preparing to ride across the antarctic. The course was icy and the track was twisty. I was excited for the bad conditions. I thought the MT training would pay off.

I knew my name was third on the registered list and so I thought that meant first row. It did not. Cross Crusade organizer Brad Ross actually invented a fair call-up procedure. He holds up a number 1-9. If your bib number ends in that number then you roll up to the line. My number was 7. As the numbers ticked by I looked over at Jdoll. We both knew that I was going to be fighting from the back. Luckily, there were only 60 or so riders. I was in the last row. I tried to stay positive, but I was worried about a quick sprint on the iced over pavement. Deep breaths, a clearing of the head, and off we go....

Up the pavement and into the first corner. I jumped off my bike and tried to run around people. Traffic, traffic, traffic! No one is moving! Go, go go! I see the leaders go through the second corner and begin to get frantic. I jump on the bike and look behind to see only a handful of riders. Ugh! Around the second corner and crashes are happening left and right. The B races had a single foot and a half wide track in the snow. It was similar to riding the trails between the Kim Williams and the river. Riders would try and pass in the powder and get tangled. On the next straight I could see a huge crash coming. I jumped off my bike in preparation. I leaped a dude's bike and mounted as quick as possible. It was like the seas were parting. I looked up to see nothing but empty single track. What a perfect situation. Time to start working. Still on the first lap I rode the s-curves as quick as possible. No Ali Goulet tripod, just straight up living on the edge Alex Lussier style. I fell through the 180 and quickly got up. JDoll yelled 17th and I was surprised. Yes! I was so pumped. I poured it on and tried to pass everyone I could before the stairs. Up and over the stairs I was 13th and hungry for more. The course was super sketchy and I fell frequently. There was a run/ride section that most people rode. I couldn't ride it. I don't know why....I kept thinking that Bob would be disappointed in me (he always rides things). Every lap it was costing me. I got up into 7th before a nasty spill on a descent. From there it was good ole cross eyed cross racing. The only thing I can remember for the rest of the race is almost eating it on the descent and having a spectator say, "nice save bra."

I finished in 13th place. Of course I would have liked to do better, but I'll take that result. I worked hard for that 13th place and I'll never forget it. I was so impressed with everyone from Montana. It's inspiring to see Montana riders racing with the best of the best. Although my 45 minutes was quick, I'll be back next year. Not because I was disappointed with 13th place, but because it wasn't 1st.

See you at Physclo Cross 2010.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cyclocross Nationals - Lindsy Campbell Race Report

Lindsy Campbell finished 2nd in the D2 Cyclocross Nationals race. While Campbell has impressed on the road bike this is a breakout result on the dirt. Her goals for the road season include Collegiate Nationals, and U23 Nationals.

On Sunday afternoon in Bend, OR I put on my favorite kit... the one I wear when it's time to rip legs off...

It was a beautiful day, sunny. The snow and ice had melted off of the course and it was muddy. I was incredibly nervous before I got on my bike but as soon as I started warming up on the course every worry I had melted away: it was nice out, I was dirty, and just down-right having fun riding my bike.

They started the D1 women a minute before us and a primal drum beat could be heard in the distance. The gun went off and I sprinted. Everyone was left behind except for me and Dartmouth sprinting nemesis. I edged her out in the Collegiate National RR but she bumped me off the podium at the U23 National Crit by the width of a small insect that is so small it actually lives inside of another insect. Anyway, I knew what was going on because I knew Arielle. I stayed with her for a half of a lap but it was inevitable... she could just put time into me on each corner. No matter, I was having the best race of my season riding in second and I didn't let her get more than 40 seconds ahead of me in the 40 minutes of racing that we had that day. (I'll be ready for Madison...I hope Arielle will be ready for me, too)

So for some freak reason I just felt like a total beast. I kept thinking I was getting tired but then, a couple seconds later, I would feel good again and stand up and put in some good stomps after the corners. The energy from the crowd was unreal. Imagine 5,000 people yelling plus a marching band, plus flags waving in your face, plus horns, plus costumes, plus one guy dressed as a pirate playing a saxophone. I was happy a lot of people recognized my kit and cheered for the Montana Griz. I had so much motivation it was incredible. I just kept going and going...picking off D1's and eventually into sixth or seventh place in their race.

Then the race was over. It felt good to be on the podium. A good way to end a really good year! Also, I got to meet Andrea Smith: a UM alum who got sixth in the elite women's race. Really, as far as I can tell, anything is possible, you know?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bike Magazine Photo Shoot

This afternoon Sam was doing a "Rocky" like shoot for Bike Magazine. He asked us to help out. Here are a couple shots from the day.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cyclocross Nationals Wrap-Up

Nationals ended with a bang yesterday. Seeing Tim Johnson win his third national cx title was sweet, but the real action was happening with the Montana Cyclocrossers.

Amy Frykman and Lisa Curry were representing in the ladies elite field. Frykman had a good start after an ok grid position. She passed people the whole ride and finished in the top 3rd. The results have her in 54th but she was well ahead of that. After a great start in the mid 20's, Lisa flatted her rear tubular and ran to the pits. Bill Cochran and Freightrain were working the pits. They quickly got her on the B bike and she was off. With a strong will Lisa battled to finish 38th. Rolling Thunder all star Kris Walker was 26th. Earlier in the week she defended her masters national championship jersey.

Next up was the collegiate race. Lindsy Campbell represented the Griz with a storming ride. They started the D2 race 1 minute after the D1 race. The gun went off and so did Campbell. She put together the best cx ride of her young career. Up and out of the saddle after every corner. She finished on the podium in 2nd for the D2 ladies, and worked her way up to 7th in the D1 field. Wow.

In the men's elite race FrankG and John Curry were repping MT. Both riders had solid rides. With the short course riders were getting pulled really quickly. In the end only 33 riders 120+ starters didn't get lapped. Curry rode well. He solidified himself in the top 40 early on and was riding with the likes of Molly Cameron and Jonathan Baker. Erik Tonkin and Sean Babbock were tearing through the field. I tried to warn John they were coming so he could jump on their wheel. He did his best and lasted to 2 laps to go in 45th place. Frank was holding is own in the middle of the pack, but ended up DNFing. I thought John rode an excellent race holding his position that long. He's right on the edge of that first group of pro riders.

Tim Johnson's legs.
Lots of people.
Amy at the start.
Lisa looking for John amongst her fans.
Campbell on the second step of the podium.

I've added all my photos to the picasa web album.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cyclocross Nationals - Day 4

John Wehyrich, Alex Gallegos, and Brian Frykman all raced this morning. John was riding great. He was in the top 15 before a mechanical. He still finished strong somewhere in the top half.

Brian got tangled up at the start and couldn't get his bike going. He ended up having to wait for the whole field to pass and then run to the pits for his spare bike. Alex was also tangled in the crash, but recovered well and finished in the thirties. There were over 160 racers in the field. Troy Berry was 8th and Mike Gaertner was 13-15.

Amy F. through the s curves yesterday

Cyclocross Nationals - Day 3 - Juniors to Masters

Bridger Fiore started off the day for Montana. He had a field of 40+ riders in the 13-14 category. Wow, I have never seen so many fast younger guys. Check out the pics below. Bridger looked great on the slippery corners and rode a composed race to finish in the top half.

Patricia Dowd and Amy "Frykmagic" Frykman were in the next race of the day, 35-39 master ladies. Amy moved up quickly after the start and jumped around the top 10 all day. It was amazing to watch. She rode an excellent race and finished in 8th place. PDowd crashed early on, but continued on her pit bike not realizing that she had a huge cut in her arm. She ended up passing tons of ladies to finish 13th and then took a trip to the doc for 7 stiches. Tough gal. Also of note regional rider Jenni Gaertner took 4th!

Our last Montana race was the Masters 45-49. Arguably one of the strongest fields for Montana riders. Bill Cochran, Frank Gonzalez, and John Fiore were representing. Bill was far back in the starting grid, but Frank and John had reasonable positions in 13th and 50th. Another exciting race. Frank was looking awesome. He rode silky smooth like only Frank can and ended up in 13th place. To me it looked like Frank G will be serious contender in this category for years to come. John Fiore started a bit slow but clawed his way through riders. He got as high as 25th before flatting on the last lap and settling for a place in the high 20's. Bill perhaps had the toughest challenge, fighting his way through riders. He finished 45th. Quite the accomplishement.

Internet is rare and so I'm posting as much as I can while still watching. I have lots of photos and vids to still update.

This morning we've got John Wehyrich, then Alex Gallegos and Brian Frykman. Yes! The scene is deep and the beer is excellent. Love it. Here's a couple pics of Fiores, and Longmire.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cyclocross Nationals - Day 2 - Strong MT showing

It was a day to remember for Montana riders.

Campbell fought hard in the women's race. At the start of the race the thermometer read 5 degrees. She battled on a mostly snowy course and took 12th place. She looks forward to the collegiate race

I was up next in the u29 B race. After my high hopes of a front row position...I ended up being the 2nd to last one in the call up box. No time to wine....because soon after that the bell rang. I had a nice start and moved into the top 10. The technical corners gave me some problems and I faded to 13th by the finish.

The u39 B race was hot. Jdoll was in the 4th row of a 120 person field. He quickly moved up to 4th place. The strongman held firm, to finish out the day with an exciting 3rd place. Many riders joined Jdoll but each time he sent them back. Excellent racing in only his second season.
Also, in the race was MT Velo rider Rick Finley. Rick looked great out there and finished in the upper half of a crowded field.

The mens 55-59 was next. Steve Muller and Mike Longmire showed their stuff. Mike grabbed the holeshot and the crowd went wild. Mike settled in to the top 4 where he'd stay all day, taking 4th place. Steve rode excellent and bounced around the top ten all day. He ended up in 9th.

Jesse Doll 3rd place sprint

Longmire sprints for 4th

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cyclocross Nationals - Day 1 - Driving and going halfsies

Just got done mobbing a Chimi at El Caporal in Bend. The B races are tomorrow. I'm repping for all the MT pack fodder! Tomorrow's our day!
I wonder where Longmire is......

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lisa Curry Reporting - USGP 7 & 8

Day 1 - The course had been slick and muddy for the late-morning races, but had become quite tacky by the time we rolled out. The course began with a long paved straightaway that funneled into a corner followed by some gooey, thick-mud corners. I got a pretty good start and entered the first corner in the top 10, but was stopped and forced to dismount and run through the mud after someone just ahead of me slid out. I recovered quickly and jumped on Kelly Emmet's wheel, which enabled me to advance a few places on the long straight stretches that followed. Kelly eventually dropped me and disappeared. I was able to hold my position, maybe 12th or so for the remainder of lap 1 but was passed by a group on the long, paved start straightaway. In hind-sight, it is clear to me that I was being complacent and lazy. As the group passed I considered trying to jump on the last wheel, but convinced myself that I could catch them on the twisty, technical sections. Yep, that was definitely lazy and didn't work at all. I rode the next 2 laps alone and I passed a couple people on the twisty, technical, FUN section of the course. On one of these laps I ran the barriers with Coryn Rivera, who is a tiny little road racer. As we were running, I heard the announcer draw the crowd's attention to the short 5'2" racers on this section, which he assumed to be more difficult for us short people...oh, the things that get you recognition when you're pack-fodder.With one lap to go, Kristi Berg caught and passed me. I jumped on her wheel and she was making quick progress in the chase to the next 2 riders. After catching and passing one of the riders, I passed Kristi on a corner and agreed to take a pull. I think I put a little gap on her on the run-up and rode the rest of the race alone trying hard to catch the next rabbit. I came close but she still had a couple bike lengths at the start of the sprint and I couldn't get around her. I finished 15th, just in the money, which was totally unexpected and sweet. I think this was my best race performance of the season, not because of my placement but because I rode well, raced hard and felt like I was able to put everything together.

Day 2 - The conditions had changed considerably overnight and the course layout was slightly different. The mud had dried out in most places, the cornering grip was much better, and the course had more technical sections in the motocross park. I got a pretty good start again, but my spastic riding on lap one resulted in me dropping into DFL mid-way through the lap. I caught my wheel with someone on the first run-up and lost a few places, did it again on the second short run-up losing more places, then I collided with someone and ended up tangling my bars in the course tape and falling over. And.....there goes the field, CRAP! I was totally annoyed with myself for creating my own chaos and was on a mission to move through the field. I remounted and charged forward passing whenever I could. Although I started the race riding like an uncoordinated trail-plug, I feel really good about how I rode the remaining 4.5 laps. I caught and passed more than 10 people and enjoyed the race entirely. I never wanted to quit or asked myself why on earth I subject myself to such misery. I was just stoked to be racing my bike on a super fun course and to be moving up. The highlight of this race was definitely passing people in tight corners, especially since I lost a bunch of places in the corners at Starcrossed earlier this season. It is really rewarding to be able to easily recognize improvement with a particular component of racing. I've learned that cross racing in big fields is not just about fitness and snap, but is also about handling your bike, handling yourself around other riders, and being aggressive.

Bend or Bust

Tomorrow I leave for Bend and the Cyclocross National Championships.

I'm bringing my laptop and my camera. I'm planning on documenting as much of the festivities as possible.

-2 in Bend right now. -18 in Bozeman, and -5 in MIssoula. Advantage Montana riders??? :)

This Contest Is Now Completely, Ridiculously Awesome (Yes, Now It Includes a Trip to the Tour de France)

This Contest Is Now Completely, Ridiculously Awesome (Yes, Now It Includes a Trip to the Tour de France)

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 2 in Portland

Julie Zickovich gets 3rd place in the ladies B race!!!! Yes!! Great job Julie, what a breakout weekend. 4th and 3rd. I'll try to find some photos for the blog.

LC was 21st, and Bill Cochran was 34th in their respective races.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Montana Crossers in PDX

Lisa Curry continues to show her strength amongst the best in the US. LC finished 15th today ahead of big NW names like Kari Studley, Wendy Williams, and Kristi Berg. Wow. Go Lisa, you are rocking our world over here in the 5 degree temps.

Amy Frykman 34, Patricia Dowd 40th, John Curry 44th, John Fiore 21st, Bill Cochran 28th, Bridger Fiore 10th, Julie Zickovich 4th!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Freezer Burn Run this Sunday

Date: December 6, 2009

Time: 10:00am

Location: Frenchtown High School Parking Lot

"To motivate, encourage and support people of all ages in Missoula and surrounding areas to keep moving despite the fading good weather"

More info HERE

I wish I supported the Missoula running community more. It seems like a solid group of folks. Truth be told I really only do one run a year......The Freezer Burn. Steve Gaskill and company do a great job putting on this catchy event. I love his quote. Here in Montana we are deep in the shoulder season. The skiing is not that great, and it's too cold to what do you do?


Last year there was an epic battle at the back....

It started with Doug Dale walking down the hill at mile 10. Soon after that his Uncle and Ms. Jen Luebke stormed by him. Dale begged Jen for a gel. Then the worse hit poor Dale. Right at the finish line I came up on him looking worse then I did at the 2009 OSCR. We crossed the line together......two beat up human beings that had no place being out there. Another memory I have is seeing Ice and Halp laying in the grass 5 minutes before the start to hung over to move.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

UM Cycling Recruitment

UM Cycling is now recruiting. If you are interested in joining or asking questions email me.

Email Me

Last year was a great introductory year for the Griz. Coming into 2010 there are 9 returning riders on the team. Add the returners to a nice mix of up and coming talent and YOURSELF and the Griz could be poised to make a run at the Northwest Conference and Nationals. Come be a part of a fun group of riders.

The team is led by Captains Bryce Daviess and Lindsy Campbell. Lindsy had a breakout collegiate season last year and looks to bring a full ladies team to nationals in 2010. Bryce has made huge strides and is trying to formulate a men's A team. Also returning for 2010 are top athletes Johnny Montana, JAgner, Wes, Ivy Audrain, Emily Kipp, Rollo Scott and Josh Goldburg.

The team is looking to make a run at sending a squad to collegiate nationals. We need numbers. If your a Griz student or you know a Griz student encourage them to contact Lindsy, Bryce, or myself about joining the team. I'm thinking the team could have a very strong team trial squad. This could be a once in a life time run at Nationals.

Winter and early Spring means trainer rides, and some team bonding exercises.

Find the spirit of the ram and get on the hottest band wagon in town, UM Cycling!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Correction to last Post

Lindsay Campbell registered last night for the collegiate race! 1pm Sunday

Follow the live coverage on Follow all your fav MT racers.

Monday, November 30, 2009

John Fiore is Hungry for Nationals

The US National Cyclocross Championships are less then two weeks away. Montana will be well represented. John Fiore is a veteran of big cyclocross races and will help lead a strong Montana contingent. Below is the Montana Schedule.

9:45am Men B U29: Shaun Radley
11:00am Men B U39: Jesse Doll, Rick Finley
1:00pm Master 55 - 59: Steve Muller, Mike Longmire

9:15am Junior 13-14: Bridger Fiore
2:15pm Master Women 35 - 39: Patricia Dowd, Amy Frykman
3:30pm Master 45 - 49: Frank Gonzalez, John Fiore, Bill Cochran, Pat Scharfe

8:30am Master 50 - 54: Geoff Proctor, John Wehyrich
9:30am Master 40 - 44: Alex Gallego, Bryan Frykman
2:15pm Master 35 - 39: Rick Finley, Brad Morgan, Troy Kindred

11:15pm Elite Women: Patricia Dowd, Amy Frykman, Lisa Curry
1:00pm Collegiate Women: Lindsy Campbell
2:30pm Elite Men: John Curry, Brad Morgan

Photo by John Sieber

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lisa Curry

Lisa continues her break-out season with a 9th place at Jingle Cross.

A New Feeling

Usually, this time of year is reserved for early nordic adventures, ski touring, and hot drinks.

With Cyclocross Nationals being in Bend, OR I figured I had to go. Knowing myself I thought racing motivation would be gone and the trip would be "one more race," filled with drinking beer and catching up with friends.

I was wrong. Since the Helena Cyclocross race I have been obsessed. Each week I become more focused on the race. I love racing and riding bikes, but never before have I been so motivated on one event. I've watched the course video a dozen times. I look at the registered rider list every other day. Everyone I talk to I pick their brain on training and equipment. What started as a half hazard fun time, has turned into a personal vision quest.

Why? I don't really know. Some things just strike a cord with people. Maybe it's because Montana is a small cross market and nationals is the closest thing to a scene vs. scene rivalry. Whatever the reason, I'm motivated and ready to rep MT at Nationals.

I may not come home with the podium but I will be giving it all I got repping the Rolling Thunder Crew, Team, and most importantly Cyclocross in Montana.
Stay tuned as I get some other MT racers opinions on the up coming races.

Everybody's Working for the Weekend....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jesse Doll Races the Utah State Champs

Jessie Doll stormed onto the cyclcocross scene. Last year in the 4's he was consistently in the top 5. While JDoll was a solid rider, not many people could have predicted the success he's having this year. Hard work, a passion for the sport, and a gritty attitude have taken Doll to the next level. Top results include a 7th at the state championship, 8th at Greased Lightning, and 5th overall in the MT series. Not a bad sophomore season :). Look for JDoll to be ripping legs in Bend...

Very interesting weekend...planned on doing both Saturday and Sunday, but Saturday's race was less than stellar with 2 flats (front and rear) and a nice introduction to Utah's goat head thorns. I was able to talk to some people afterwords and EVERYBODY runs Stans sealant in their tires regardless if they are tubular or clinchers. I pulled out 5 thorns on my rear wheel and 3 thorns in my front wheel, great way to ruin a pair for tires. So needless to say I chased all day and was able to stay on the lead lap. Bart Gillespie and Alex Grant both top 5ish at La Ruta de los Conquistodores a few weeks ago and Ali Goulet the leader of the USGP cycloross 35+ series and I think he was top 10 at elite nationals last year. Would have been easy to be intimated for sure.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Polson Cyclocross - Alex & the Polson Crew

The Polson Crew is on fire. The Seeleys, Campbells, 5VV riders and Volunteers did an excellent job making the Polson Cyclocross race a huge success. A great course complete with the "British Open" feel. High winds, cold temps, and beautiful Ireland like scenery. Special features included a Cross and Tie Race (one bike two people), First Timers Race, and post race feast! If Matt and 5VV are willing I think Polson CX will be a long lasting event.

I didn't envy the first racers of the day. The wind was blowing and the sun had yet to shine. The ladies race was highlighted by the Zickovich Ladies and Campbell. Campbell was fueled by performing in front of a home town crowd and took the victory. Julie Z looked strong in second and never gave up to much ground to LC.

Nice racing in the men's 4 race. Four super strong 4's duked it out. Strongman Brent Ruby came up with the victory. He was never able to let up, because Great Divide rider Mark Brooks was constantly charging in 2nd. Also of note was third place John Bardsley on the mtb. 4th place Erik Horn was killing the technical sections of the course including riding up the run-up.

Masters B was won by Pat Scharfe who was right in the middle of the men's 4 battle.

The men's 1,2,3 race was scored separately. The men 3 hadn't gotten face time since Greased Lightning. In a much anticipated battle Alex G and Bob Presta didn't disappoint. Alex came out on top. His form is starting to peak towards nationals......very impressive. Bob did all he could including riding the run-up and a big last lap charge that put him a bike length behind at the line. Riding great in 3rd was Tim Noonan. 4th was promoter Seeley. The cat 3 race was hot. I loved racing for a place. Bob was obviously out of reach, so it came down to a battle for 2nd. Mtcx Videographer Dan Pierce was a good pick for 2nd, as was Connelly, Flathead Russ, and JMills. After a crazy first couple laps the dust settled and I had major flashbacks of Missoula #5. Me riding with Tack and Fiore. Our different skills complement eachother. Tack in off season form, Fiore the consistent technical master, and myself putting in surges. With two teammates I was super fortunate to hold off the Brown Bear Pierce, Cman, and Flathead Russ. Tack and Fiore didn't know about the cat 3 pack challenge........but I sure did. I took 2nd and 3rd was Brown Bear Pierce. Two teammates on a super windy course was super lucky.

Great racing in the masters A. The perennial master A killer Chance Cooke was racing....and he was flying. He took the win. A hot battle for 2nd settled into John W, followed by Gaertner, and Cochran. The masters A look prepared for a hot showing at nationals. I only know of a couple masters attending, but really the full MT fleet should go. WOW, we have fast masters. Shout out to Flathead Cycling who had the biggest squad there (Noonie, Cooke, Gaertner, Greenburg, Muller, and Russ).

Great Montana Cyclocross season. Look for more wrap-up and nationals preview stuff in the next couple weeks. Tomorrow is JDoll's Salt Lake City Race Report.

Photos by Pat Scharfe

Friday, November 20, 2009

Polson's Cross and Tie

To end the Montana Cyclocross season Matt Seeley will be hosting a new event. The Cross and Tie.

This event has really got me thinking.

Rumpus Cross and Tie - 2 people, one bike (experimental event)

For those participants looking for one last challenge at the end of the day, find a partner and try something new. The cross and tie will be a short (maybe 20 min) race in which partners alternate running and riding. At the start, one will ride ahead and drop the bike somewhere on the course while the other runs. When the following runner gets to the bike, he/she will jump on and ride past the leading runner to again leave the bike somewhere further along the course. The partners will continue leapfrogging each other until they have finished the required loops.

Brent Ruby and I feel like we will be unbeatable in this event, so we will gladly accept challenges from lesser duos.

-Matt Seeley

I've got my partner. I'll give you some clues to figure him out.
1. He's deceptively tall
2. He teaches a class at UM
3. He hasn't raced a cross race this year
4. He's got good hair
5. His name rhymes with Fatty Rice

Who's your partner.....................

Wednesday, November 18, 2009