Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Montanan's shift gears - pro's continue

John, Bill, Longmire, and Proctor were the last Montanan's still racing cross. Geoff will head over to Euro Cross Camp and keep the ball rolling for America's finest. Here's the roster for this year's camp:

2008-2009 Roster


Zach McDonald USA19910213

Gavin Mannion USA19910824

Eric Emsky USA19910621

Cody Kaiser USA19920527

Chris Wallace USA19920320

Cody Cox USA19910119

Joe Dombroski USA19910512

Manny Goguen USA19910502


Bjorn Selander USA19880128

Nick Weighall USA19870607

Danny Summerhill USA19890213

Mitchell Peterson USA19870305

Will Dugan USA19870115

David Hackworthy USA19891110

Jeremy Ferguson USA19900616

Andrew Llewellyn USA19900726


Troy Wells USA19840619

Matt Shriver USA19800526

Brian Matter USA19780704

I'm glad that Shriver is going. He deserves the trip after a stellar year (7th at nats). I read his blog frequently, and he seems like a really good guy who just loves to race. Also, I Nick Weighall his headed to Belgium. This guy has stormed on the scene. He's always been fast but this year he was mixing with the elite's.

For the rest of us Montanan's we are trapped in doors by frigid temperatures and howling winds. I like Jdunp's post about trainers. As for me I've been hurting since the cold weather hit. Two late nights last weekend, and no outdoors time except an attempt to ski at Snowbowl in -25 degrees. Downtown JB, Pipo, LCampbell, KG, and Kelly hit Pattee Canyon nordic last night. We need more snow. Anyways, I'm trying to get inspired by Tamera's Valley of the Sun trip, and UM Cycling's sudden takeover of the world, but it's not happening yet. I'd rather sip Alpine's and be a lodge queen.........