Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, July 25, 2008

Homestake XC

Homestake XC is this weekend. It looks like promoter Warren Smith has really put in some nice effort to make this race a success. All pre-reports sound like it will be a sandy up and down suffer fest. Early rumors that Subaru Gary Fischer rider Sam Schultz would show have been squashed. Sam is in Andorra for the World Cup. So, with that state wide sigh of relief over, who will take charge at Homestake?

I think it will be another battle of the Montana all stars. John C., Frank, Bill, and Parsons should be the ones to watch.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Walt Chauner - Great Montana Cyclist

Scrolling through this years master's nationals results I found Flathead's very own Walt Chauner. Walt finished 8th at Master's Nats this year and has been both a good rider/ambassador for Montana Cycling. He is the voice of the Fish Trails Criterium in Whitefish and is behind the scenes at alot of your favorite Flathead bike racing events. Pictured above by Natasha Westphal Walt is finshing third at Belt. In the recent past Walt has shown some excellent results that not to many folks know about. He placed first in the Master's road race at Walla Walla in 2006 and went on to finish second in the omnium. That same year he won the High Unitas Classic. A very difficult hilly stage race near Salt Lake City. Also in 06' Walt grabbed 4th at Master's Nats. That's probably just the start of his good performances. He's been a good ambassador for Montana Cycling and the Flathead Valley.

Keep doing what your doing Walt. Great riding!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pattee Canyon to Hollowman's Saddle - People do it, we didn't make it

Last week a group of us tried to ride to Hollowman's Saddle from Pattee Canyon. TSully, Downtown, Horangatang, and Nacho comprised the ride. Several Missoulians know this ride and know how to get there, but the five of us had never tried it. We set off at 6:30pm thinking we might come back in the dark but it wouldn't be too bad. It was also the maiden voyage for my new Bianchi 1986 Volpe. Soon we were in familiar territy and we reached the point where I thought the saddle was located. Josh informed me I was about 8 miles off. We kept riding and the flats kept coming on the old Volpe. After a couple wrong turns I told the crew I was turning around and they could keep going without me. Horangtang turned around with me. We had one spare tube left and it was of those 5 hour mechanical filled rides that you really only ride for 2 hours. Sure enough Horan got a flat on the way home. The other three got back home at 11:30 and never found the saddle. Guess will have to try again??

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bearmouth Road Race

Lots to talk about on this Monday evening. FVV (Erik Digby, Kyle Shannon) put on a great last minute race. We all thank you for getting this race on the calendar. It's a great race, and it had a huge turnout. Which makes me sad in a way. People seemed to be pumped about road racing right now, and were kind of winding down. Anyways, back to the headlines of the weekend.

First up shout out to B. Presta for reping Montana at the Boise Twilight Crit. Bob finished 6th in a crazy fast cat 3 race. He did a ton of work to maintain his position and fought super hard to get into the top ten on the last lap. Bob is a crit machine.

Like I posted earlier Bearmouth last year ended in a small group sprint with only the strongmen making the group. This year was a different story......yeah a bunch sprint in Montana. As I was watching the finish (that's another story) I felt like I was in Washington or Oregon as 25+ 1,2,3's came barrelling down the hill at 35 mph. It was a sight for sore eyes. I looked at Jane the official and Digby. Usually in these situations there's camera's and spotters, not in MT. We call it like we see it. With limited resources they did there best to grab places. Talking to Jane before the race she had expressed a bit of nerves getting the finish order straight I laughed and said it won't be too hard....

Regardless Jane did a good job, and everyone else tried to help where they could.

The race started hot with Frykman rolling off the front. Soon he was caught and everyone started trying there own hand. Brad was rolling near the front and I saw him jump. Without thinking I followed. I'm not much of a breakaway specialist, time trial specialist, or overall power when I was on Brad's wheel all I could think about was "take your turn, and hope others come quick" They did, Howard, Bessetto, and Flathead Russ joined the break. I rode hard for 5 or so miles and then started to drop. Bessetto tried to cheer me on but it was no use. I had my breakaway experience for the year and slowly drifted back to the pack. I was mad at myself as I knew Josh would start chasing as soon as he saw me. Sure enough I grabbed the tail end of the group and Josh started pulling. It didn't bother me at first, but then I felt like goomba sitting on the back while our best rider pulled the breakaway back that I had just dropped from. So, I went to the front and pulled. We got a bit closer to the guys out front and Seely jumped a bit and everyone passed me. See ya! That was my day. Here's my take on what happend for the rest of the afternoon:

After being dropped Brad attacked again and stayed off the front. This made me think GAS was going to be super agro. If Brad got caught, I thought that John or Seb would go next. This could draw out Frank, Greenburg, Marshmellow, Tack, Seely, ect. I figured it would be on lap two at one of the steeper rollers. On my way back from lap one I saw Wehyrich off the front with Brad. From there on out every breakaway attempt was shut down. Besseto said he was shutting her down, but I'm sure he had a bit of help. Sure enough it paid off as FVV grabbed a top place with Wehyrich. I didn't stick around for the awards ceremony so I don't know who actually won?? was either John or Anthony Aleto from Emde Sports. I think it was Anthony then John.

In the men's 4/5 race Dan and Jessie new NRO riders stole the show finishing 1, 2. Great job fellas.

Tamara won the ladies. L Curry's chain fell off and couldn't recover.

That's it for now. Check out the tour stage tomorrow, it's going to be a wild one. Also, Homestake XC is coming up!