Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, July 18, 2008

Montana Cyclocross Schedule

The 2008 Montana Cyclocross Schedule is out. I'm excited the schedule has come together so early. Thanks to Geoff Proctor and John Coulthard for their hard work getting folks organized. For me there's a couple things that stand out about this year's schedule:

1. Race's every weekend. For folks like me, I like having the opportunity of racing every weekend. The schedule is jammed packed with racing action.

2. Montana Velo's Cyclocross Omnium looks to be a can't miss event. I've never heard of anything like this, but how can you go wrong with a dirt crit?

3. Five Valley Cross getting it's own weekend. There are lots of good promoters on FVV and now that Rolling Thunder has it's own weekend, I expect FVV to put on a great race.

4. Classic weekends; Flathead, Bozeman still on the schedule, great promoters, great racing.

5. NRO is putting on the State Championship, and I want it to be top notch!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bearmouth Race on Sunday

Race info:

One of the last road events on the Montana calendar is this Sunday. The Bearmouth Road Race is a rolling course that provides an a aggressive style of racing. With the big gap in road events, we really have to look at mountain results to see who's on form. Frank G and John Curry are both on form and have looked great in the Montana mountain bike races. Josh Tack won the state title but hasn't really raced since. He won this race last year, but could be taking it easy for the rest of the summer (in preparation for cross :)). Last year the selection was made by Greenburg, Frank, Seeley, Josh, and a couple others?? If Seeley races, I'd expect to see him pushing the tempo and being super aggressive. I think it will be a good race with a competitive field.

On the ladies side, Tamara comes fresh off her killer masters nationals performances. She had a nasty crash in the crit but should be recovered enough for this weekend. Lisa Curry has been riding the mtb well, so look for a good result from her.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Missoula Marathon - From the mouth of the winner - Elliot Bassett

Elliot has been a force in the Missoula athletic community for the last 6 years. He runs is own personal training firm, Mountain endurance ( and coaches the UM Triathlon Team. He has dedicated countless hours to promoting events, and mentoring new athletes into the sport. It was a well deserved victory on Sunday and one that was long overdue. Here's what Elliot had to say about his day in the spotlight.

How long have you been thinking/training for the Missoula marathon?
I started thinking about it in August of last year. I had a major shoulder injury and didn't know how well I could run. In November I started to run 9 miles a week just to test the waters out. During March-May I ran 3 hours a week in an attempt to build a base. From June 13th till the week before the marathon I ran 65-75 miles a week.

Are you a biker or a runner?
I'm and endurance athlete. I've always wanted to do both, and will never stop doing one or the other.

What'd you eat for dinner the night before and what did you eat during the race?
I ate pasta, rigatoni with red sauce and a glass of water. During the race I had 4 Powerbar Latte Gels, one bottle of Hammer Nutrition Heed, and a half bottle of water.

Who's your favorite MT athlete?
My favorite Montana athlete is Matt Seeley. He's taught me everything I know about endurance sports. I learned the hard way. Countless rides and runs staring at the back of him barely keeping up. I've bonked more times in front of him then anyone.

Cross bike for 2008? Favorite cross course?
I'll be riding the 2008 Jamis SuperNova for this year's cross season. My favorite cross course last year was Wednesday Night Series #3. I like courses with lots of barriers, but not a lot of twisty technical stuff.

Who would have won between you and Kiefer (last year's champ)?
There's no way to tell. He won last year and I won this year.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bohart Bash Results

Marshall Opel and the Cascade Classic

Marshall Opel has won the cat 3's at this year's Cascade Classic. He won the time trial and road race en route to winning the GC by 44 seconds. Marshall has had a hot summer on the road. It started with a surprise 2nd at his home course in Star Meadows, and continued with a 2nd at the State Championship. Winning a tough race like Cascade says a lot about the future of this 17 year old. Great job Marshall, keep up the good work.

Full Cascade Results:
photo by Natasha Westphal

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bohart Bash

Bohart Bash brought out the best of Montana's two strongest riders; Frank Gonzalez and John Curry. Frank the Tank had a 40s lead heading into the 5th and final lap. Just like Granja Del Cerdo Curry didn't give up and pushed a crazy 5th lap. On the last rise he saw Frank and the two rode to the line together. Just like State Cross last year Frank pipped John at the finish. Great action! Hopefully we can get a photo of the finish in the coming days.

Overall, GAS put on another excellent Bohart Bash. All the usual elements were there; great raffle/prizes, support for beginners and youth, well organized, and the live band. They had big time sponsors with Smith Sunglasses, Intrinsik Architexture, and Gallatin Alpine Sports.

Lisa Curry took the ladies race, but there was no one to race against. Hopefully she'll be joined shortly by Michelle Richardson who took her second win of the season. Other ladies fields were strong with first timers, beginners, and sports. The Bozeman ladies dominated the sport division with Kelly Hayden taking the victory. Between the first timer, beginner, and sport there was almost 30 ladies racing. So while Lisa didn't have any competition, I think it's coming soon. Just to give Lisa some props, I calculated her average lap time at around 29 minutes for 4 laps. If you put her in the men sport and subtract 1 minute per lap (28 minute laps). It gives her a 1:25 for the race which would place her 12th out of 37 in the men's sport. So she was really moving.

The first five places in the men open race were decided early on, and held true. Frank, John, Ben P., Alex, and Dale all held their respective places. Following Dale was cyclocross star Geoff Proctor. His first mountain bike race of the season was a good one. Also, I think is son won his age group. Following Geoff was GAS stongman Alex Hassman, and Rich Chandler. Below that was the usualy suspects that I've been riding with the last couple months. Multerro Sten, Cman, Shane, myself and Herzig were all battling for the final places. Cman had a bio on lap 2 and threw up his Golden Arches breakfast. Herzig who I noticed was climbing way faster then us on the uphills couldn't hold it on the descents and joined our groupetto. Shane led our group for a lot of the race, and finished strong. We all exchanged places during the race, passing eachother at everyone's weak sections. It was good fun. I can't imagine racing with the top 5, so it's nice to have a race in second half of the open field. It's gotten me stoked on mountain racing again. Hopefully the groupetto will be back for cyclocross.

Great race, more photos to come.