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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bohart Bash/Adam Jensen back in town

Bohart Bash poll is putting John Curry as the heavy favorite. Why wouldn't he be?!? He's on form and it's his home race.

Adam Jensen has been back in town for the last week. We've ridden trail every day, and today is his birthday ride. Basically he's ridden the mangy group ride crew into the ground. It's good for us. Sometimes our mountain bike rides can get pretty casual. It's nice to have someone pushing the tempo. However, we reached a new low of pushing the tempo last night. Up Sawmill Gulch road climb (2 miles, 4-5% gradient) we attacked eachother until everyone cracked. I was drafting people up Sawmill Gulch on a single speed. It was absolutely pointless!!! It's amazing what competition can do. So, while everyone complains and bitches that Jensen's back in town deep down we love it. He's a good guy, who really just loves to ride (and put people into Davey Jones Locker). He's been taking photos of our rides. I'll post some tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I'm posting the first ever video. It involves last weekend at the Northern. Off to the trail and Jensen's birthday suffer fest!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bohart Bash this Weekend

A great Montana bike racing tradition is coming this weekend. Bohart Bash, put on by the GAS Cycling Team is a can't miss event. Road racers, cross racers, one should miss this race. Beer, band, and a killer course all the beautiful backdrop of the Bridger Mountain Range. This weekend's event should not only be fun but provide us with some epic battles. Montana racers have been riding wild this summer. The perennial mountain man Bill Martin has been grabbing results since March. Also, John Curry and Ben Parsons have been showing their form at recent regional and national races. Don't forget about Clint Muhlfeld who just nabbed third at the Cascade Creampuff. Throw in Frank who won the first MT series, and consistent performers Alex Lussier and Joe Chalmers. Don't get out wild cards like Doug Dale Schryock and Matt Butterfield. It's sure to be a great race. I can't remember if it's the state championship, but it might as well be because Montana's finest will be in full effect. I've heard rumors of Parsons showing up but I don't know for sure. Could anyone confirm?

Who's MT Cross's pick??

I'm going with John Curry. He's riding great, and I feel like he reached another level with his placings at Deer Valley. He's a never say die guy, and the most consistent performer in Montana cycling. However, don't be surprised if Clint "The Lung" or Dale comes in and wins by 3 minutes. The course doesn't have long enough climbs for Parsons, or Butterfield. Look for your cyclocross stars to round out the top 5; Frank, Lussier, Dale, Martin. I've only done Bohart once but the short steep ups and downs favor the power riders. It's kind of like picking the Tour de France these days (Schumacher in the TT, are you kidding me??). Here's my top 10.

1. John Curry
2. Muhlfeld
3. Doug
4. Martin
5. Frank
6. Parsons
6. Chalmers
7. Lussier
8. Butterfield
9. Connelly
10. Kiester

Hope to see everyone out on Saturday!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Read what Will Frishkorn said after the peformance of a life time

Commentary on Montana Cycling - Notes from a far

Jeremy Dunphy is a new rider to the Montana Cycling scene. He's the up coming captain for the UM Cycling Team, and rode for Northern Rockies in USCF races. He's in Pennslyvania for the summer putting the finishing touches on his first racing season.

For those folks who are like me and don't race out of the region we don't know what racing is like in other parts of the country. Jeremy's note is a nice compliment to bike racing in Montana. I think Montana Cycling has done a nice job of welcoming new riders to the sport. Not to say we can't improve, but it's good to hear we provide a positive atmosphere. Here's what he had to say:

"I have learned a lot about the sport and had some really good experiences that have me looking to the future. There are some really strong riders out here, the practice crits I ride in on thursdays almost always has a few local pros in it, Rite Aide and Bissel riders, and riding with them can be a thrill if not , literally, a pain. The attitude towards cycling out here leaves alot to be desired, however. People are seriously amped up. In the 3/4 races I have been doing, "hold your line" are words some riders feel the need to repeat every ten seconds even on dead flat straightaways. Montana has it going on in this respect. Every time I get a comment about being "lost" or " "kinda far from the Northern Rockies" I want to let them in on the little secret that is montana cycling, but always refrain out of selfish pride. The way super strong riders in montana can still have a fun, friendly day out with people just getting into the sport, or offer an un-jaded conversation to someone 3 categories below them seems like a normal thing when immersed in the montana scene, but it is so not normal and while we might take it for granted it is something special and something I can't wait to get back into..."

-Jeremy Dunphy