Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tour of the Bitterroot - Last Chance Chatter

Tomorrow's event is what seasons are remembered by. In Montana road racing you've got the Rocky Mountain Roubaix, Tour of the Bitterroot, Cow Country, and Star Meadows. To me those are the "Classics" of Montana cycling. These are the events that folks remember performances. That said, three of those four events are coming up in back to back to back weekends. Belt gave a nice preview, but anything can happen with two weeks between races.

Looking at the confirmed rider list it looks like we have the usual suspects. Montana Velo as expected is bringing a strong squad. I had never thought about it this way but if you go by straight category it would make sense that MT Velo is the strongest squad. They don't have any cat 3's, it's 1's and 2's. Their experience and overall strength make them a favorite to take the title for the second year in a row. If the road race is anything like last year it will be a war of attrition. When it gets down to that select group I could see 3-4 MT Velo dudes making the selection. Scott is riding well but hasn't broken through with a Herzig like victory. If his fitness is good I think Velo will look to Scott for the W. I don't see Kiefer on the confirmed list but I can't see the defending champ not showing. I don't think Velo has a plan yet and that makes them harder to mark. GAS rode great in Belt with both Curry and Brad Morgan making the split. I think Sebastian (sp) and Alex Lussier will be on form and ready to rock. Other wild cards include the series leader J. Tack. Bob has been riding strong this year and should be his biggest helper. The road race course suits Tack, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him take the sprint even with no teammates in the split. Sportsmans has also had strong start. Parsons and Muhlfeld are riding great. I think Ben is ready for a breakthrough performance this year. He had a great season last year and has just missed the move in Roubaix and Belt. He'll come good this weekend. Seeley leads a revamped 5vv squad. He hasn't raced much, but don't count out Seeley in anything with a time trial and distance.

Road race I'm going with Benny Parsons.

Criterium (everyone is a sprinter in MT) I'll pick Kiefer, and if he doesn't race my back up is Brad Morgan

Time trial, it's hard to pick against Seely, so I won't, Matt Seely

Overall, Nacho Tack will take the victory

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Bike Talk - Tour of the Bitterroot

The MT ladies scene is heating up. So, far it's a three team race. Team Delphine has put a strong squad together. Led by Marjolein Schat with a 2nd at the Roubaix and a 3rd at Belt. Also Amy Frykman has been riding strong with a strong 2nd at Belt. They bring one of the biggest squads with Lara, Patricia, Anna, and Caroline. The second strong team is Northern Rockies. Led by Tamara and Danyel who seem to have the form this year. Tamara rode with guys at Belt, an officiated at the Roubaix. We'll see where her form is at Bitterroot. Danyel has been impressive in both races this year taking two first places (including Belt's first place in all categories). NRO also brings to the table a nice mix of veterans and newcomers. A strong squad at Bitterroot will comprise of Geraldine, Nadia, Joey, Megan (TT maniac, watch out ladies), and Kelly. Last but not least we have the team of Lisa Curry. She has been representing GAS in the ladies for the last two years, and really making a name for herself in Montana. She won the Roubaix and was the only one who could ride with Danyel at Belt. Even though she will be riding without a team, it will be hard to take LC down.

Last time I didn't pick Lisa she made me eat my words at Rolling Thunder. I thought then I'd never pick against her again. However, I think she's getting antsy to hit the mtb circuit a little more. I'm going with Danyel. Her confidence is high and she'll have a solid squad behind her. She'll probably prove me wrong once again, but I'm sticking with D-money on this one. In the crit I like Tamara. Experience and power pay off as T will solo to victory. Finally in the time trial, I going with a surprise pick. Megan Slivka is a TT machine. She is a new rider for NRO and specializes in the race against the clock. The most consistent rider will win the overall and that means, Mrs. Consistency Lisa Curry will be the winner. She'll fight the NRO charge and take the overall.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Morning Bike Talk

Tour of the Bitterroot is now only a week away. Registration is available online at There are two other blogs covering the race besides mine, and

The cat 4/5 field in Montana seems to be bigger then ever this year. With two events down several consistent performers have stepped to the forefront. Bryan Frykman from GAS has put in two great results. He made the split in the Roubaix and finished 3rd at Belt. He won by bridging to Jeff Twohig and taking the sprint. With the absence of upgrades Elliot and Erik, Bryan should have a good result in ToB. Other early season notables include the improvement of Howard Williams. He's representing his new Great Northern Cycling Team with pride. Howard finished 2nd in Belt and 7th in Roubaix. Without Frykman and Williams the Five Valley crew would be dominating this category. Their led by an emerging Willy Zelmer (4th in Belt, 2nd in TT), and a confident Jeff Twohig who held a 20 mile solo breakaway in Belt to finish 2nd to Frykman. FVV has strength in numbers with Kyle Shannon, Ely, Travis, Miles, and a host of new dudes. I look for FVV to try and control Tour of the Bitterroot. Twohig has a TT bike and if he has a good road race he'd be the won to work for. Howard is a consistent rider and could sneak in to the top 5 in all three events and possibly take the overall if Frykman falters. I like Frykman in this race. His confidence has to be high after Belt. I don't know if he can time trial, but he proved he's got the power and the mind to win. Watch out for the Zellmer crew. With Steve's help Willy could be a wild card in the road race. The climbs are a bit short for him, but be certain he'll try something on the El Cap climb.

That's all for now.