Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Record Numbers at the Roubaix

With the Rocky Mountain Roubaix fast approaching it looks like we could see record numbers. The buzz has started and I'm sensing a big year.

The finish has been confirmed as the same as last year. The map and elevation map is still posted. If you have any race questions contact me @ Registration will be available Saturday April 12th 5-7 at Open Road, or day of starting at 8 and lasting till 9. I will be running both sessions, so if you have questions please write and I'll try and get them answered.

I think there's 20 or so Missoula riders hitting Frozen Flatlands this weekend. If we can get 20 to Spokane, I'm hoping to see 50 or more Missoula riders at the Roubaix.

There will be an awards ceremony (including beer), and new this year; we'll have winners trophies to take home and place on your mantel. T-Money will be officiating the whole race and double wheel cars will be at your service throughout. It's sure to be another legendary race. Who will provide the storyline this year? Will someone like Ben Kneller steal the show with a hardcore solo move? Or will a Montana all star like Curry, Herzig, Gonzalez, or Seeley still the Missoula glory? What will happen in the 4/5 race? Will Halpin be tired from Saturday's Griz? Will Doug Dale all the sudden find form?

All those questions will soon be answered.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Frozen Flatlands

If Frozen Flatlands was 30 miles farther it would be the perfect Spring Classic. I know they keep it at 50 miles because the loop works super well, but with the bad weather, short climbs, and constant winds I think it's a great early season race. It would be sweet if WA, MT, and ID could hook up and create a 3-5 race spring calendar. Frozen Flatlands, the Roubaix, and a couple others. Battle of the Northern Rockies Region!

I think all Montana teams will make an appearance next weekend. I'm hoping for good things from MT. I think the worse the weather the better MT folks will do. There hasn't been a flipping training ride over 45 degrees in weeks.

Last year this dude from Garage Racing won the 1,2 race. He held off Emde Sports and Vertical Earth. I'm hoping Tack can hold his own on Saturday and get into a break on Sunday. I've never raced a 3 only race. I'm expecting it to be alot like a college A race. It will nice to have some teammates.