Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, March 21, 2008

Missoula Training Race #1

Race promoter JEDZILLA has informed the cycling community that tomorrow's race could be cancelled due to weather.  If it is below 40 degrees and raining/snowing the race will be cancelled.  If it is 32 degrees and above but no precipitation the race is a go.  A little confusing, but I understand where he's coming from.

For out of town folks Jed asks that you call him in the morning for the latest.  I don't want to publish his number, but if you contact me via email I'll send it to you.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Slipstream in the Tour

The 2008 Tour de France will have two American teams. Slipstream Chipolte was added to the 20 team roster. However, it was confirmed that Astana will not be invited.

Slipstream's entrance comes as a surprise to me. I thought with this past week's poor performance at Paris-Nice the US squad would be out of consideration. ASO likes the team's anti-doping policy and thinks they could animate the race. French team Agruibel and Great Britain's Barloworld got the other two invites. It's great to see Barloworld back in the mix after a great tour last year. Soler won the King of the Mountains and a mountain stage. While Robbie Hunter grabbed a technical sprinting stage. I think the Agruibel decision is questionable. Mercardo grabbed a stage two years ago, but other then that the squad has been lack luster. They were included this season because they signed Christoph Moreau the French National Champion. I'd like to see Tinkoff Credit Systems get the nod. They have a great attacking squad. They lit up the Giro last year and deserve a shot at the tour. They animate races and with the addition of Loddo they have a decent sprinter.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rocky Mountain Roubaix - joins new Hammer Nutrition series

Hammer Nutrition just became a sponsor of the Rocky Mountain Roubaix.  There will be a new Hammer Series this year involving a handful of races.  I don't know many details currently, but stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Feared Rider Poll Ends in a Tie

Thanks to ya'll who voted.  This year's pre-season Most Feared Riders are Scott Herzig and Josh Tack each taking 30% of the vote.  Kiefer Hahn took 13%, Brad Morgan 10%, Frank Gonzalez 6%, Matt Seeley 6%, and Ben Parsons 1%.  We'll run the poll again mid-season and then post season.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Missoula Training Race

Next Saturday is the unofficial kick off for the Montana Road Season. The Montana Junior Cycling Federation is hosting back to back race weekends. Starting this Saturday the 22nd, racing will begin @12. The race starts at the Clinton exit. Registration will be from 10-11 at Missoula Bicycle Works. The first Saturday will be 32 miles (4 laps), and the second Saturday will be 40 miles (4 laps). This is a great event for first time racers. If you are curious about racing you should definetly come out. MT Cross will provide full race reports for each category (to the best of my knowledge :)). Hope to see everyone out.

This week's poll has been interesting. Scotty Herzig is holding a good lead with 30% of the votes, but Josh Tack is making a late surge with 23% of the votes. Kiefer Hahn, Matt Seeley, and Brad Morgan all have 11% of the votes and Frank Gonzalez has 7%. I think the poll is accurate. Scott is a great rider and has consistently performed at a high level year after year. I was surprised to see my teamate jtack get some votes this late in the poll. Maybe it was the brief show of his climbing ability in Saturday's group ride?? Another thing I noticed was that the top riders are all from different teams. GAS, MT Velo, NRO, and FVV all have dudes in the top 5. That should provide for good racing this season. Thanks everyone for voting. One more day left. Keep your eyes open for this week's poll.