Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tour of California

The 3rd Tour of California kicks off this Sunday. I'm excited to see who's on form. It's also fun to check out all the new techy crap. Check the versus site for times. The prologue is flat this year. I hate to say it but Hincrapie has a good chance at the victory. My pick for the win is David Millar. I think he'll be challenged by Cancellara, Hincrapie, and Dave Z.

For the overall I've got a dark horse. The previous two TOC's have had a CSC rider in 2nd place (Dave Z and last year Voigt). CSC is too good of a team to be shut out two years in a row. I'm going with Jason McCartney for the win. He finished 3rd last year while riding for Levi. He's a freak climber, and has and amazing engine. Levi will finish 2nd and Dave Z will round of the podium. I hope a couple smaller teams can grab stage wins. As usual watch out for Dominquez in the sprints. He'll be up against bigger pro tour stars this year. Quick Step is bringing Boonen, and Rabobank is bringing Freire and Graeme Brown. I don't know if a domestic guy will get a stage win in the sprints. Fred Rodriguez is riding for Rock Racing and I think that will be there best chance at a stage win. Maybe Ollenshaw can sneak in a breakaway. My top domestic rider pick is Ben Jaque Maynes. He can TT and climb. He's had good results in the TOC. On the climbing stages look for Horner to be up there. He'll support Levi, but he loves getting out in front of the home soil crowd. It should be a great race.

Stay tuned for daily race comments. I'm telling you watch out for J McCartney!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Astana left out

Astana is being kept out of all ASO organized cycling events. This includes the Tour de France and Paris Nice. No Levi and no defending champ in this years tour. It's opened the door for a first time winner. I think this will light the fire for Astana at the Tour of Cali. They're going to come out swinging.

So who is the favorite for the tour?

Well, watch out for CSC. I'm sure they have something up their sleeve. Andy Schleck's performace in last year's Giro makes him a danger in any grand tour. I'm not a big Menchov fan but he has to be in the discussion. In a course that favors the climbers I don't know if Micheal Rogers has a shot. CSC has good tactics they'll be gunning for it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I added a new link, Watch the Gray Wolf Video I posted. Attack the pack son!


Props to Seeley Lake Nordic Area, that place is awesome

Props to T. Bessette for organizing group rides like it's her job

Props to nordic youth movement in Missoula

Props to Open Road for hella good service on nordic

Props to Trailhead for being the winter hang out

Props to the Missoula tele races, I forgot how fun they are.....props to team TOTS

Props to all you folks hitting the wet roads of Missoula, I'm not quite there yet

Props to MT road season, I like the hype