Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fiore Prepares to do BATTLE

After a solid weekend in Portland John Fiore is headed to nationals. His form is there and his head is in the right place. He left yesterday for KC. John's race is tomorrow at 3pm. Here's a couple JFiore quotes from this week:

"Just got back to work after 6 laps on the Sam Braxton "cross" course. Felt good and 80% recovered from the weekend. I'm going for a top 10 finish and plan on riding my brains out."

"I leave tomorrow AM and I'm getting really excited to hammer! Looks like highs in the low 40's for Friday's 3:00 pm start. I noticed the stairs on the course...yes!"

Totally John!!! I love it. So what are John's chances of a top ten? Well a top ten is for sure in the cards, especially if the conditions are sloppy. There are some fast 45-49 years olds who weren't in Portland. One of them is Montana's very own Geoff Proctor. Geoff has had an excellent season in Montana and looks to finish with a bang before Euro Adventure. Also in the race is Bill Cochran. He had a breakout 3rd place ride in Portland. His form is excellent and I would be surprised to see him riding well within the top ten. Another BIG name is the defending champ Steve Tilford. Yes, Steve Tilford. Tilford took a 3rd and 7th at Jingle Cross Rock this year. So.......his fitness hasn't gone anywhere (duh). Then you've got the cyclocross dad's who could still give their sons a run for their money. Randy Iddings and Russell Kappius (Ryan and Brady's dads). Fiore, Cochran and Proctor have got their work cut out for them. However with the whole state of Montana cheering from 2000 miles away maybe one of these guys can pull out a special performance and bring home the stars and bars (if that happened you better believe we'd have a national champ skinsuit made for Fiore). So tomorrow when your sitting at work in the afternoon remember John, Bill and Geoff are slugging it out with the best in the country. Give him a bell ring from your office. Go get em fellas!

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