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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2009 Cyclocross Nationals Rumor Mill reports that Oregon and Washington have a shot at next year's cyclocross nationals event:

‘09 Nats in Oregon? At the final award ceremony at the USGP’s Portland Cup last weekend, Portland Cup (and Cross Crusade) promoter Brad Ross announced to the crowd that, “Next year the U.S. National Cyclocross Championships is sounding very much like it’s gonna potentially be in this state.” Needless to say, the crowd went wild, despite the disclaimer-filled language. Still, with a bid from Bend, OR submitted, does Ross have the inside scoop? Inquiries to USA Cycling about next year’s national championships were not immediately returned, but the chances of a Northwest nats is high, as another bid was submitted from eastern Washington.

What if nationals was in Eastern Washington! Montana would have a full contingent. Maybe Micheal Emde or a Badlands person put in the bid?? If it's anywhere in the northwest it will probably be in Oregon. You could just stay for a week with the USGP 5 and 6 and then nationals.

Also, if you haven't seen already has a race tracker for cyclocross. They will be at this weekend's event. I followed it for the USGP's. You can provide comments, it's a good time.


Jodie Barram said...

Yes, Bend, is one of the finalists for the Nationals! Nothing has been decided yet. We will do everything possible to support this event and make it a huge success.

Jodie Barram
Bend City Councilor
Bend, Oregon

ShaunRadley said...

Thanks for the comment. If you need any help getting the bid let me know (letters, calls, emails). Montana and Idaho both have solid cyclocross scenes and would bring lots of riders.

Jodie Barram said...

Thanks! I'm hoping Doug LaPlaca contacted you. If not, let me pass on his info. He's heading up our Local Organizing Committee.

Doug LaPlaca, President/CEO
Visit Bend
917 NW Harriman St.
Bend, OR 97701
541.382.8048 phone

Dave said...

I used to be one of the "Baddlands" guys who promoted the Spokane series before the Emde's took it over. I'd say there's a good chance either the Emde's or RoundandRound (Gino) put in the bid. I've always thought that the EWU course had great potential for a national level event. Regardless of whether it ends up in Bend, Portland, or Spokane, I'm just happy to have nationals back on the west coast. The only question is 28c Fangos (Portland) or 34c diamond tread (Bend or Spokane)?