Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rider Profile - Kevin Bradford- Parish

With a little help from I've done some background research on Redline's Kevin Bradford Parrish. A couple years ago we went to a mountain bike race in Spokane. We were all pretty confident as there was a low turnout. However, little did we know that KBP was in the expert race. He killed us. From then on I'd noticed his name poke up in numerous results including national caliber events. I was hoping he'd come to Rolling Thunder, but it was great to see him at the Montana State Championship. As you can see from, his top rivals are Russell Stevenson (6th at Star Crossed), Tonkin, Weighall (7th at USGP 1 and 2), Sheppard (Cross Crusade all star), and Andy Jacques Maynes. That's basically the second major group of North American Cyclocross. I think his best result this year is a 10th place at Boulder Cup. The last two years at Nats he's placed 21st and 23rd respectively. The real question is would he have beaten Sam Krieg at Rolling Thunder? I don't know, but what I do know is that our region is getting faster and faster. Hopefully we can put a series together in the near future to showcase some of these riders.


Anonymous said...

Having been crushed by both of them, I would say Krieg might have a slight advantage in raw power and acceleration, but KBP has the edge in cornering speed and technical prowess. I call it a toss up.

I bet we'll see more and more heavy hitters popping up in MT next year. the word is spreading!


Anonymous said...

I beleive that KBP beat Kreig at Nats last year.

Keep in mind that Kreig had UCI points and had a decent starting spot where as KBP was on the second to last row at the start of Nats.

Either way, they are both great guys and JC is right. It would be a toss up.

ShaunRadley said...

I agree with Curry. Krieg seemed to really excelerate on the straightaways at Rolling Thunder. KBP seemed to corner well. We'll see them head to head at Nats.